Human body

It is terrible to imagine the future of human rights in the modern world. The terrible sign of coming on humanity diseases, the number of which is growing rapidly with the development of civilization, frighten many of us. And makes you fight for health - physical, mental, the psychic, to fight for better conditions of life of each of us and the entire society. Science makes everything possible. Maybe it seems a lot, because literally every day, every hour brings new messages, discovery, data, hypotheses. They are so numerous that one of the American journal of food science and its influence on human organism was demanded to test every two years of deesaster, checking the conformity of their professional knowledge state of science. Because too quickly becoming obsolete "truth" in our time and they are replaced by new, well-documented. Meanwhile, doctors, unfortunately, not always feel confident in this area, and in the midst of nutritional consultants often do quackery and stagnancy.
The human body can be compared to a big building site on which both go and construction, and reconstruction. It continuously happen tremendous changes. After all, daily 1 % of the blood cells die, and should be new, and it means that every day should be re-generated 8-9 grams of hemoglobin. Leukocytes live an average of 8-10 days. Protein, liver and blood plasma during 10-20 days is updated by half. The protein of human skin is fully updated for about 160 days. Our taste bumps on tongue (and we have about 10 to 20 thousand depending on age) live no more than 10 days, but usually updated much faster than every 3 hours, Even hair need not only to receive but also to grow (for the year by about 12 cm). And the hair is also a protein!
Thus, constantly arises a new generation of cells. And they consist of about 50 different components, and they must continue to act in the human body. If you could not prove any of them, or it will be too small, our body is first of all try to adapt to it, "Fabrique" the worst generation of cells. And it will be so as long as this situation does not go into critical,then the person gets sick.
In our days one of the most common causes of death, along with heart attacks are cancer.