Exercise yoga for beginners

yoga for beginners in picturesdevelopment of muscles of the shoulder joint. The situation: your hands should be placed against your thighs (palms ago)by pushing them as far as possible behind his back, housing several tilted forward. Now you can proceed to the main exercises for beginners:
1. Straightens up the trunk of the body, hands raised in front of him until the end position (to my head). The palm gradually turning inward - to the body, is slow breath. Then the palms gently rotated in front of him, hands down to the starting position behind his back, made exhale (with the powerful tension in the shoulder joint is desirable to imagine developing the power of hands).
2. Straight arms stretched forward to shoulder level. In this situation, keep them horizontally (giving back as much as possible), in one plane with the body, then the arms back to starting position. In the beginning exercises for new palm of the hand facing down, as they lead ago palms turned inward. Allocation of hands back inhale, and the return of forward - exhale.
3. Hands down the seams hands to the body, then climb up the side of a trunk up to the limit point (before touching the head), and it will be a breath. When hands are in a horizontal position - at shoulder level, palm turned upwards. When lowering the hands, palms turn to the body with the simultaneous expiration.
4. Is torsion outstretched to each side of the hands, first to one and then the other way.
5. Made a circular motion of the outstretched hands in one and then the other side.
yoga for beginnersdevelopment of muscles of the body. Starting position: put your hands on hips, legs to hold flat and together, with the muscles of the body severely strained. You can then begin to implement the main exercises for beginners:
1. Slowly bent body forward and back, back periodically recorded in neutral (vertical) position. Moving forward, inhale, while driving back straightens back and exhalation occurs. Next, when the next bend back housing, exhale, forward - straight back - breath (the breath in accordance with the motion of the body).
2. The same manipulation of the body are carried out in the traffic left and right.
3. Made a circular motion with the whole body in both parties, alternately described by the head of the circle (by analogy with the motion of thumb).
4. Run turns (rotating frame) in both sides alternately, hold hands outstretched to each side of the body in a horizontal position at shoulder level, and all the rest of the body (below the belt) fixed.