Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

Then indignantly, and with deep conviction, I say to myself and allow to say to the other: no, this is not high and noble sense of pity for the suffering of all living and sentient; it is one of the poorly disguised manifestations of the eternal enmity and fighting ignorance against science, darkness against light".
Such ignorant attempts to restrict academic activities I. P. Pavlov took place repeatedly. Despite this, his work was successful. Ivan Petrovich made all my passion and perseverance, consistently achieving a clear knowledge of the subject matter.
Basic views I. P. Pavlov to the question, what should be the researcher, expressed in the famous "Letter to youth" in the evening of life, in 1936.
"What I would like to wish young people of my country, who devoted himself to science?
First of all sequences. About this important condition for fruitful scientific work I can never speak without emotion. Consistency, consistency and coherence. From the very beginning of its work, discipline yourself to a strict sequence in the accumulation of knowledge.
Learn the basics of science before you try to climb to the top. Never handle the subsequent until they mastered the previous ones. Never try to cover up the flaws of their knowledge at least and the most bold conjectures and hypotheses. No matter how deluded your eyes shimmering this bubble - it will inevitably burst, and nothing but embarrassment you will not have.
Train yourself to show restraint and patience. Learn to do dirty work in science. Study, map, nameplate facts.
No matter how perfectly the wing of a bird, it'll never be able to raise her up, not relying on the air. Facts are air scientist. Without them you will never be able to fly. Without them, your "theory" is an empty attempts.
But learning, experimenting, observing, try not to stay at the surface of the facts. Do not turn into archivists facts. Try to penetrate the mystery of their origin. Persistently look for laws, they control.
The second is modesty. Never think that you already know everything. And how would highly valued you always have the courage to say to yourself: I am ignorant.
Do not let pride to possess you. Because of it you persist where you have to agree, because it will you give useful advice and friendly support, because of it you will lose a measure of objectivity.
That team that I have to take the lead, makes the atmosphere. We all harnessed in the same business, and each moves it on their own strength and capabilities. We often not confirmed that "mine"and "yours", but that our common cause only wins.
Third - it is a passion. Remember that science requires a person throughout his life. And if you had two lives, then they would not have sufficed to you. Great effort and great passion requires the science of man. Be passionate in your work and in your quest.
Our country opens more space before the scientists, and we must pay tribute - science generously introduced into life in our country. To the last degree generously.
What can we say about the position of the young scientist from us? Here it is also clear. He much is given, but from him much will have to answer. And for young people, and for us, a question of honor - to justify those big hope that imposes on the science of our Motherland".
The first world war disrupted life Pavlovian laboratories, as many of the employees were drafted into the army.

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