The development of muscles

exercise yoga in picturesthe Development of the abdominal muscles. Exercise prevents stomach ulcers and heals it. Original position as stated above. When performing the main exercises for beginners need to remember that breathing can be so, what is convenient performing this exercise.
1. Is the retraction of the abdomen at the same time inward and upward in a circle, then he popped back, that is forward and down ("belly dance"). Next belly pulled and pushed one and then the other side (opposite) in a circle. Thus they should keep their hands on the hips.
2. The abdominal muscles to rotate to the left, and then right around the circle.
3. The abdominal muscles are rotated in a circle to the left and up, and then Vice versa.
4. Lying on back, lying on something hard and without a pillow, you inhale, the feet should slowly raise straight ahead and up, after which the air from his lungs need to breathe out. Hands on his head.
5. Previously took a deep breath and putting his hands on his head, slowly sit up, lifting all the above case and nagiba forward head with simultaneous slow exhalation.
6. Holding his hands behind his head and backed only by feet on the one hand, shoulders, elbows and head - on the other, the need to raise the middle of the body so that she was separated from the floor. While arching your back inhale, and when returning to the starting position and exhale.
Development of muscles of the legs. Starting position: lie down on a hard surface without a pillow, hands should be put together under the head, with the muscles of the thighs strained to pain, feet together, stretched out at an angle. The main exercise is done as follows:
1. Is the movement of both feet to the left, then right,
2. Made a gesture with both legs up and down.
3. Performs a circular motion with both legs in one and then the other side.
4. Are the scissors, the feet move alternately up and down.
5. Is the above exercise, but the legs are moved to the left-to the right.
6. Is "Bicycle". When the movement of the legs are their turns (in a circle) in one and then in the other direction: clockwise and counterclockwise.
the Development of muscles of the fingers. This exercise will make the fingers of steel. Starting position: arms bent at the elbow, fingers spread wide, legs together, the muscles of the fingers, which begins the exercise, extremely strained. Manipulation is exposed to each finger in turn. The implementation of the main exercises for beginners includes the development of each finger separately. Is made of three types of movements in all their joints: bend up and down, sideways, circular motion in the different sides alternately. Free from voltage fingers can be kept in such a position that it is convenient to perform the exercises for beginners "busy" with your finger.