Breast cancer in women

Statistics show that breast cancer is much more likely among women with low sexual activity (for example, nuns). And the woman is under 18 years breastfed child, in part (1/3) protected from this bolezni. Asian women suffer from breast cancer is much less than the European one. In Japan such diseases 3.8 per 100 thousand In France the disease occurs in 4 times more often, and in the United States of America - 6 times more often. But if any of the Asian ethnic group will live in the United States or in Europe, and live like the locals, the number of cases will be compared. An example is the Japanese women living in Los Angeles.
Experiments on mice showed that if they are fed with food rich in fat, with a high content of cholesterol, they too will get sick of this type of cancer. Tried also to find out the relationship between sugar consumption and the frequency of occurrence of breast cancer.
In England, where earlier than in other European countries, appeared cane sugar, for 250 years of its consumption was 2 kg per year per person, now - about 60 kg of animal Experiments have shown, that with increase in sugar consumption increases the level of cholesterol in the blood.
Come to find out that calcium here is not without fault. In Japan, where breast cancer is rare, consumed 350 mg of calcium per day. Most of all in the food of the people of Canada is about 1.5 grams per day. Basically it enters the body with plenty of milk and dairy products - fat, rich in cholesterol and calcium. But whether calcium guilty of occurrence of cancer? The research continues. Cholesterol, fats and sugar is also still only a hypothesis.
Some biochemists accused of all the troubles of the adrenal glands. The excess of fat promotes the secretion of estrogen napochechnikov, and those, in turn, increases the total number of hormones in the body that may be the beginning of a wrong and harmful metabolism.
If to speak about malignant tumors of the organs of digestion, everything is simple. It is known that rational, healthy food significantly reduces the risk of disease. What should such food?