The development of muscles of the neck

the Development of muscles of the neck (Fig. 1, C). Starting position: should be straight, hands on hips, all the muscles are relaxed. This is the only exercise that runs without muscle tension in the neck, but only with the mind's resistance to the direction of its movement and a deep focus on appropriate muscles (thus it is necessary to try to see them in operation at the time of exercise and imagine how increasing their power). The main exercise is performed with consideration of four types of exercises for beginners: turns left-right, up-down, spin, spin.
You are now done with PFC-3 alternating voltage of all body muscles.
In conclusion, we note that the effects on the body done exercises will be full only when, after their completion are such procedures:
- is pulling on his socks (several times) breeding hands up and down, followed by the correct inhales and exhales;
- is pouring the entire body of water at room temperature (for middle-aged persons, preferably cold pouring out buckets);
- pounded (much) all of the body palms (massage) top-down (we can add - and clockwise)that stabilizes the "biofield" engaged;
- made some warming exercises (at the discretion of the student) to prevent the cooling of the body;
- attacking the body sheet or a Bathrobe to prevent cooling and disease. Then a few minutes to relax for fixing the stored energy.
It is desirable to avoid emotionsas the excess of the new energy will increase the negative effects of nerve excitation up to uncontrollable outbursts of anger, since the "biofield" for some time remains very sensitive - "loose".
With all the above requirement and the concluding procedures can be sure that PFCs will provide useful and effective impact on the body. This "charge" cosmic energy from the external environment will allow to develop the latent reserves of the body and prepare it for different overload * in the whole of the next day's work or active leisure.
Subcomplex PFC-3 - after its development - it is possible to add some exercises from the system of Hatha yoga**associated with an inverted position of the body and flexibility of the spine (such as rice. at the bottom). Exercise yoga for beginners should be done in the earlier sequence throughout life. It must be remembered that there are no limits to deepen the focus of attention, increased muscle tension and development psychophysical peculiarities of human organism.
* Continuous implementation of PFC-3 will provide an opportunity, in addition to strengthening or preservation of health, to reach this state body, which is likened to the hardness of stone (under voltage), as well as high bio-energetic body.
* * * The aim of Hatha yoga as the ancient Indian system of physical exercises is the preservation of mental and physical health, control the functioning of the organism by using the five types of air flow around our pure "I".
exercises of Hatha yoga