Tips for healthy eating

1. Food must be tasty. Food should be fun and joy and to be... a religious rite.
2. Not too much and not too little. When the who was required to answer in one sentence to the question, how to eat, after many meetings, it was decided that "the first principle of good nutrition,- diversity". When we eat "all", i.e. as much as possible a variety of foods, you can be sure that the body is more likely to get what it needs.
3. For the body healthier to eat regularly, i.e. to get food at the same time.
4. A proper diet should provide the body seven main parts is proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fiber and water. A portion of each of these parts you need to put the body on a daily basis.
5. Protein builds and repairs.
6. Excess fats creates fat! But Essential Unsaturated Fatty Acids, we really need! Most of them are in vegetable oils.
7. Carbohydrates supply energy, but, for example, sugar "eats" our teeth.
8. Vitamins, minerals, fiber absolutely necessary! However, vitamins are not a source of energy, no building materials, but they are intermediaries in all of life's processes. They are very diverse, and they are assigned a variety of functions. The same applies to mineral salts and tissue (about which much is said in this book).
9. Very important correctly to prepare meals. A well-designed food can be a little miracle from the point of view of physiology and nutrition.
10. For proper nutrition is not necessary to buy the most expensive products. Most often - quite the contrary. Studies have shown that the worst feed the poor and millionaires.
Today the authorities recognize that power is extremely important for our health. But let us not delude ourselves - it can't resolve all our problems. Nutrition is one of the conditions of total health is perhaps the most important, but civilization has brought into our lives a lot destroying our bodies factors as, for example, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, harmful industrial emissions and waste, automobile exhaust gases, pollution of water, atmosphere, lack of exercise, and so on, Not to mention the tobacco or alcohol.
Bran already appeared in the shops. Now you need to convince people to buy and is not only white, but rye bread from a flour of coarse. Need and in the village to put black bread and dark coarse flour instead of white bread, the more so as, again, cancer organs of digestion has never been so frequent among the rural population, as it is now. Intelligent power policy to a considerable degree can help people to maintain health, and it is not so difficult to implement in our country.