Sun and salt

When cooled crust, and in the clouds of water vapor, enveloping our planet, have a gap, a ray of the sun fell on the floor of the sea water remaining after low tide. And then, in a kind of random, favorable for the beginning of life is the combination of trace elements contained in sea salt, a situation arose in which the amino acid formed simplest proteins and received the properties of semiconductors. So if, as suggested, there came life on Earth. This could serve as a proof of a very old concept Swedish scientist Arrhenius equation that life came down to Earth to the Sun ray". Traces of such concepts can also be found in old legends and myths, at least in the myth of Venus, the foremother of mankind. This is the most harmonious beauty in the form of life on Earth was born from sea foam. That's how science can be close poetry!
These hypotheses are confirmed by the salty taste of blood, sweat, tears, mineral composition similar to those of the sea water.
Genetic code created many billions of years ago, was adapted to the material in which it was programmed, i.e. to sea water. Then and was recorded in the double helix deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) plan "buildings", which is the human body. In the process of evolution, the "house" was growing and changing, but the code remained the same. The plan is still the same, and material other, because we are changing our environment and, consequently, the mineral composition of food.
In accordance with the genetic code instinct tells us to fill in the structures of our organisms power, and it is a vitally important microelements. And although they are in very small quantities, a continuous supply their need for health. Because the body cannot synthesize these items, it depends on what gets with food, water and air. We are mirroring the status of the biosphere, which feeds us and affects the structure and functions of the body. And because the difference between the human organism, living in different terms, can be significant.
Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder noted 2000 years ago, that "there are two important things in the world: the sun and salt".
Salt - as stone and evaporating seawater - was given in our civilization is always a special role. She was not only seasoning, but also, and more than that, as if instinctively felt and knew that it contains the elements that determine its health. In some countries, at different times, salt was even played the role of a monetary unit. And its preservative properties were quickly appreciated, and I do not have a Columbus on Board the "St. Mary" stocks salted meat, he would hardly manage to discover America. And Jagiello, set out on a campaign under Grunwald, they took with them the stocks of meat, canned salt, of course, a stone. Then there was a famous modern method of cleaning of salt.
The villagers know that cows like to lick the hands of man. Animals simply lick with hands salty sweat with microelements. They are sufficient in salt, large briquettes which in the past gave the cows; but in salt purified we use now everywhere, microelements not. This is just pure sodium chloride (NaCl).
Who knows, is not whether one of the reasons of occurrence of a cancer of the blood of animals that they are deprived of rock salt and together with it of magnesium ions. Diet, poor salts of magnesium, calls in laboratory animals cancer of the blood. And magnesium, along with sodium and calcium is a major component of salt - sea or stone.
For mistakes we usually have long and cruel to pay. This is exactly the problem was the transition to the clean salt leaching of all mineral elements. Modern technology deprives salt all that is precious, namely, iodine, magnesium, lithium, selenium, zinc, tin, etc. So we just razbazarivanii treasures that nature gives us. But white refined salt was once synonymous with wealth, as well as "katerki", or white bread, served the Kaiser.
Polish salt, for example from the field Velicka, the so-called green, as shown by studies by the method of atomic spectroscopy, contains, in addition of sodium chloride, manganese, copper, zinc, chromium and especially a lot of iron, magnesium, calcium and lithium. Salt from another field, Kladova, contains selenium, as well as a lot of magnesium and potassium. Red salt, the so-called karaliova, has extremely valuable medicinal properties, as the relative content of harmful (for most) of sodium reduced due to potassium, magnesium and other elements, necessary for our organism.
In countries where food salt, obtained by the traditional method of evaporation of sea water on the sun (for example, Spain, Venezuela, Japan), in humans and animals very rare diseases such as cancer of the lymphatic system, heart attacks, premature sclerosis or mental illness. And at all peoples, eating rich in protein marine products and use sea salt as a seasoning, healthier peoples who do not use the power of the gifts of the sea".
Will conduct the following experiment: let's cut a piece of meat in half. One half Chuck chemically purified salt and the other salt stone. We make sure that chemically purified salt preserves, and hence does not protect against mold, and stone - preserves fine. Food, sprinkled with rock salt, remain fresh for a long time.
Taking care of your health, try to use only natural salt, stone instead of chemically cleaned to a pure sodium chloride.
Usually it is considered that the sea salt has almost a full complex of microelements, as well as the crude stone salt. But this is not always true. In some countries, for example in the USA, clear sea salt so-called method of a regular swimming pools, until there is almost pure sodium chloride (concentration 99,6%), and the liquid after crystallization results. This refined salt is as useless as salt boiled.