The trouble with teeth

Calcified blood vessels, established way of thinking, attitudes... But this is the paradox! We know now that just because of a lack of calcium in the body and can occur in old age so-called calcification of blood vessels.
Calcium is the main construction material for bones, teeth, and a very important mineral element of all muscles. About 99 % of the calcium and 70-75 % of phosphorus in the body are part of the skeleton is usually in the form of Apatite, at least - phosphates and carbonates of calcium.
Recall that our bodies contain from 1 to 2.2 kg of calcium and about 650 g phosphorus. Both of these elements work together, so don't just talk about only one of them, but in this Chapter we will focus mainly on calcium.
Dr. Melvin the page, a dentist from St. Petersburg (USA), in one of the special magazines published the results of their research on the causes of diseases of the teeth: "poor nutrition, lack of minerals and organic origin are the main causes of the terrible state of our teeth". Further he writes: "the Primary blame for poor diet falls on the food industry, supplying us high purity flour, sugar, rice and other products, deprived of mineral nutrients, especially minerals". Doctor of the page advised all to take pills Kelp, complementary deficiency of all minerals. Kelp is a "small greenery of the gardens of Neptune" - plankton, algae, etc., They are extracted from the sea, cleaned, dried and compressed into tablets, containing almost all the minerals, including trace elements, and most of the vitamins.
Someday these pills and we will. In the meantime, they are sold in many other countries. We can use as a source of some macro - and microelements available to us rock or sea salt, vitamins and mineral salts tablets and first of all pure, hard water from natural sources or mineral. But let us return to our calcium.
We already know that 99 % of the calcium in our body, are spent on the creation of bones and teeth. The remaining 1 % is constantly drawn in blood on other liquids of the body. Now, this 1 % is •constant. This means that, if we do not supply the body enough calcium from food, he "borrowing" or "steal" the missing amount of this mineral from your skeleton. Of course, the entire skeleton, but more often from this "theft" suffer jaw. And then, much later, this lack of effect on the teeth, the spine, bones of the limbs, and so on
And if in the jaws of too little calcium, sooner or later there comes a time when the teeth as if violated in the gums, making room for microbes begins dental disease until their loss.
Doctors Leonard Kruk (Professor of pathology and ler, Lutwak from Cornell University, which, strictly speaking, belong to this theory, tried to confirm it on patients, volunteers. Chose 10 persons (5 men and 5 women) aged from 29 to 45 years old, suffering from periodontitis. Studying their diet, has estimated that 9 people from this tens received on the day of approximately 400 mg or less of calcium. The need of the human organism for calcium at this age is about 800 mg. Therefore, patients were given within 180 days for the 1000 mg of calcium as Calcium gluconicum, Calcium carbonatum or Calcium lacticum (i.e. gluconate, sodium carbonate or lactic acid calcium).
First of all patients gums are inflamed and even bleeding. After 6 months of treatment with calcium from these symptoms are not gone. Teeth firmly sat in the gums. X-rays showed that the jawbone quite healthy. As a side effect of normalization of blood pressure and reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood.
In another experiment Kruk, Lutwak during the year gave one group of patients daily 1 g of calcium, and another placebo (supposedly medicine). Those who took calcium, teeth and bones were by 12.5 % "stronger"than those receiving placebo.
They add that, in addition to calcium, you must assign another magnesium and zinc (as the need for these minerals increases with the amount of calcium in the diet), in addition, vitamins D, C and folic acid, perfectly strengthen the gums. Kruk, Lutwak, as all of our nutritionists, stress that the best source of calcium is milk and cheese.
If we all life will supply our organism with a sufficient amount of calcium and other elements necessary to create the skeleton and teeth, women do not have to pay a tooth for each child, as not without reason, says rustic proverb, "the third" teeth are the most beautiful, artificial - will need already far not for everyone.