The spread of cancer

Cancer breast cancer in Japanese women and eskimosa occurs only rarely, and among women Canada - very often. Among the residents of Scotland distributed bowel cancer, almost unknown African Bantu tribe.
In Hong Kong over the past 20 years, cancer of the esophagus was celebrated in 7 times more, and in Switzerland the number of such diseases has sharply decreased. In America, members of religious sects of seventh-day Adventists, and Mormons, living in California, die from a heart attack and cancer twice as less than the rest of the people of this state. And in Utah, inhabited almost exclusively by the Mormons, cancer mortality is the lowest in the United States. Let's remember that the Mormons almost impossible to get alcohol, tobacco or natural coffee. Religion forbids them to use these products in any form.
In recent years in Poland stomach cancer is widely spread among rural residents. We suspect that this is the result of a very unfavorable changes in diet, and land pollution, which grow food.
Through the intensive study of another cancer - leukemia, we are searching pockets of the disease. Found more than a dozen. The home in which there is mold and high humidity.
Will be identified causes will be found and means of prevention of these diseases, and possibly treatment. It is a belief shared a growing number of scientists, and this determines the search in a new and different, than so far, direction. Huge amounts of money have already been spent on the study of the question: who is guilty, virus, or something completely different? Maybe something is causing mutations in cells? The prevailing view is that the cause of cancer are different carcinogenic substances penetrating into the organism mainly with food. In any case, we have to admit that in the age of technology that we live in, the incidence of cancer has increased many times.
In America are increasing spending on cancer research, huge sums are intended primarily to study the influence of the environment on the incidence of cancer. In addition, we study the effect of our culinary habits on the occurrence of this disease. The task is as complex as the pursuit of "appropriate virus".
It is expected that more than 1400 chemicals, scattered in the atmosphere and around us that can cause cancer in animals. Substances that cause cancer in humans, less than, but research to spend much more difficult. The more that patients with this disease need to watch at least 20-30 years, so you can say anything specific. It should also define, in what quantities of these substances become dangerous, and to consider the factors reducing or increasing their impact.