Truskavets Resort

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Rapid growth, prospects of development of the resort and increasing with every year the number of those wishing to improve their health of the workers of our country and fraternal socialist countries has caused a significant increase in the consumption of mineral water, primarily water of " Naftusya " type, which is the main medicinal waters resort, its pearl. To assess and increase the resources of this water in the resort since the beginning of 50-ies, mainly Ukrainian Republican hydrogeological running Createproject (former firm of the same name), conducted exploration works. And next geological parties trust Kievgallery to detect mineral waters similar in composition of water of " Naftusya " type, in the nearest Truskavets areas conducted a broad search hydrogeological studies. The management Council resort Truskavets organized hydrogeological station, which from the late 40-ies in the district conducts systematic monitoring of the natural regime of underground waters, as well as for the regime of exploitation of mineral water Deposit. Moreover, throughout this period to address specific problems associated with the use of mineral waters for medicinal purposes or to their formation, the Council were fully engaged in scientific collectives of different research institutes of the country (Central scientific-research Institute of balneology and physiotherapy, Odessa research Institute of balneology, all-Union scientific research Institute of hydrogeology and engineering Geology, and others).
The result of all complex of geological, hydrogeological and research works collected enormous factual material on groundwater district and mineral water, according to the regularities of their formation, distribution and mode. Unfortunately, in the published literature, scattered in many publications, lit only some particular issues of hydrogeology Truskavets district. Summary descriptions of groundwater him, including mineral, is essential for planning further resort development and solution of some theoretical problems of hydrogeology, until 1972, was not. In 1972, I. P. Apiary - head Truskavets hydrogeological station since 1957 and N. A. Marinov - consultant to the same station with 1959 he published the first monographic description of the Truskavets mineral waters. When composing its were widely used data of many years observations of the regime of groundwater of the area received hydrogeological station, before completely insufficient light in the press and also published, stock and archive materials of other organizations and researchers. Due to the great interest shown in Truskavets mineral waters from workers of our country, this edition quickly sold out. In 1975 he published a second, revised and expanded edition of the book. While making it used new materials, received as a result of continuing in the field of geological works, as well as some research.
To prepare this section have been used new materials exploration and research work carried out at the Truskavets and Skhidnytsa deposits of mineral waters in 1974-1976, and publications on these fields and mineral water sources - analogues "Naftusia" in other parts of the country.
The section on the treatment of patients on a resort Truskavets prepared L. K. Baikalova and B. A. Khokhlov, description originally from shodnica mineral water drawn N. A. Marinova and the Kronstadt Nesterov, a summary of other mineral sources of the Soviet Union, possible analogues of "Naftusia", performed N. A. Marinova, Morshynska mineral water field described N. A. Ignatovich, the remaining sections written N. A. Marinova and I. P. Apiary.

Geological structure and mineral resources of Truskavets district

Brief characteristics of the groundwater Truskavets district

Morshynska mineral water
Methodology ozokerite application