Exercise yoga

The first path of yoga can be represented in the form of "spiritual Technology of archery" (see tab. 2)when is the combination of two classes of yoga (Kundalini and Dhyana).

"Technique of spiritual archery"

The path of yoga Stage committed- existence The sequence "the Technique of spiritual archery" Name stages of concentration The result of contemplation (according to the teaching of yoga) Time for yoga
Preliminary 0 Initial stage Moral principles exercise Physical strength and control of breathing Early in the morning (you day and night)
The first 1 Imposition and aiming Pratyahara (concentration) Tartak Mandoki Wise Early in the morning
The first 2 Pulling the bow-string Dharana (concentration) Shambhavi Sambhavi Wise Around noon
The first 3 Start arrows Dhyana (meditation) Khechari Wise In the evening, and after sunset
The second (the end of the first path) 4 Waiting hit and contemplation goals Samyama (numbing) Lakshyam Vidhi Late at night or at dawn - from 3 to 6 hours

Note: the Development of human capabilities in the first three phases (stages) of yoga occurs within a few months. The fourth stage of yoga (it is the end of first and beginning of second track) also consists of four phases of development of students to master. This is the highest stage of yoga, it lasts for one or more years, and then continues indefinitely (until a vision of his "teacher"). It is not available to all who wish to do yoga, as it requires obedience to a strict ethical discipline and good spiritual training (improvement in spiritual concentration and meditation).

The second route starts at the fourth stage of the first ways and lasts forever. An important feature of the Eastern health systems is primarily achievement with their help distinct positive effects due to the relatively short run nagruzochnykh exercises. Positive feature of these systems is also integrated psycho-physical approaches to training, providing an improved not only physical but also the mental state of the person. Finally, the most important of their component (to the awareness and recognition of this modern medical science is only coming) is the currency of the body "intangible" energies filled with the energy system of the Universe, in which man is organically enrolled as a member.
Based on the above, we offer deployed complexes of physical and breathing exercises, which are not elements of athleticism or asceticism in the practice of self-realization, but allow you to purchase (or revive) lies in man by nature bioenergy opportunities. Moreover, the proposed exercises for beginners acceptable for any age and gender (however, physical exercises for beginners can be performed only after 17 years). When performing these exercises no exercise equipment. For those who want to achieve tangible results in the near future, requires patience, hard work, and most importantly - methodical and regularity in the performance of exercises with the accounting prescribed below requirements and recommendations.