Calcium, vitamin D and multiple sclerosis

When mankind for many thousands of years ago "emigrated" from the tropics to the North, had gradually adapt to the fact that the sun here is less. But not all of them managed to adapt to new conditions, so that, in spite of apparently strong health, not to suffer various neurological diseases, including multiple sclerosis (sclerosis multiplex). Such a hypothesis of lack of sun" was nominated Dr. Paul Goldberg, a scientist from Cambridge (England). He explains the fact that multiple sclerosis is not sick inhabitants of tropics, bathed all year round in the sun that gives them enough ultraviolet rays, which are able to synthesize in human skin vitamin D. Under the rays of the tropical sun in the body living in the South of the people is formed every day from 2 to 3 thousand international units (ME) of vitamin D, while the daily norm for us, the residents of the North, is only 300-800 ME. Dr. Goldberg suggests that young people in the period of growth and maturation feels great lack of this vitamin, which affects the development of the entire body, including the nervous system. In the result of the weakened structure of nerve tissue in the following years can crack, causing symptoms of multiple sclerosis. This disease is known to happen in people aged 20 to 40 years. Some remain disabled, others experience only minor consequences. Calcium, which are generally absorbed by the body only in the presence of vitamin D, also protects the body from the disease.
In the North of Scotland, more than in any other country, there are cases of multiple sclerosis. Now, the Scots almost every day eat oatmeal that "steal" the calcium from the body; while the Scots not Supplement your diet with foods rich in calcium. Besides the popular thing on the menu deficient in vitamin D, and in Scotland very little sun.
According to Goldberg, between 10 and 15 years of life of young people going through a very important period, if to keep in mind the warning of multiple sclerosis in the future. This is the age at which the spinal cord is made, reaching full maturity. If at this time not to put the body enough calcium and vitamin D lays the possibility of this terrible disease. At a young age norm is 400 IU of vitamin D a day barely covers 30 % of actual needs; estimates Goldberg, for growing need 2000-3000 ME.
In truth, no one knows exactly how much vitamin D is required for young body, because too little research has been conducted so far. Many doctors are afraid of overdose.
Dr. Goldberg agrees, Recalling that, in the tropics, the sun causes the formation of such amounts of vitamin d can be considered Toxic dose of 1000 to 3000 ME daily for 1 kg of body weight, i.e., from 40 to 120 thousand for ME teenager, weighs about 40 kg, Except for vitamin D, needed calcium, perhaps, magnesium and for General health and for the prevention of disseminated sclerosis.
Unfortunately, the above gipoteza can't help already ill with multiple sclerosis. Please check it for years, to verify its correctness. But, despite this, is to adhere to the advice of Dr. Goldberg: to give teenagers the appropriate amount of calcium, such as milk and cheese, hard water, which not only contains calcium, magnesium, not to regret (wisely!) the sun in summer and in winter. Especially in summer when you can sunbathe naked and allow the sun to develop in the skin as large reserves of vitamin D.