Polluted air in Switzerland

We have chosen Switzerland as a country with great fresh air. Alpine meadows, the sun and the air clear as crystal! But it really is only there where not penetrate the car. Near highway already otherwise, as everywhere transport poisons the environment.
It all started with the fact that a district doctor (as we called it) Dr. Walter Blumer, practitioners in the village Netstal, became worried: he became more and more patients. They can be divided into two groups: those who lived near highway, and those whose houses were far from him.
It turned out that of the 75 people who died from cancer for 12 years, only three lived away from the road.
Dr. bloomer found that living near the highway constantly dog-sick. They had headaches, migraine, they suffered from insomnia and fatigue, and gastrointestinal diseases. These symptoms were they at least twice as often than the residents of the houses, distant from the road. This road was passing day in about 5 thousand cars. Living near the highway took 4 times more different drugs - soothing, from headaches and so on ?
The results of their long-term observations, tests and experiments doctor bloomer presented at the International Congress on the issues of road accidents in Utrecht (Netherlands) in 1974, He proved that the reason most painful symptoms were air pollution and contamination of terrain tin, benzopyrene and other harmful substances allocated passing cars. Their patients the doctor treated basically a proper fitting diet: foods rich in calcium, vitamin C and vitamin C. He appointed all this and in the form of medicines, such as calcium in the bone flour or dolomite tablets containing calcium, magnesium.
It turned out that patients followed in nutrition and treatment to the doctor's advice Blumer, stopped to take a soothing medicines, without which until recently could not do. Were persistent headaches, constant fatigue and weakness, insomnia, problems with stomach, and similar ailments.
In this case, calcium with magnesium helped to eliminate from the body of poisonous tin, and vitamins not only contributed to this, but also strengthened the body.