Heart and drinking water

Unfortunately, our "civilized" the heart is one of the most frequent causes of death. We say, "the Director's disease, heart failed", "his heart was torn with grief" and so on, but the link did we ever heart disease with a drink of water? Meanwhile, doctors, studying the causes heart disease, of course, they are tied.
First of all many secrets issued statistics. Was that where there are so-called hard water, from heart disease dies far fewer people than in areas with soft water. This, for example, convinced the British, when statistics showed that in Glasgow, where soft water (the soft in England), mortality from diseases of the cardiovascular system is 50 % higher than in London where it is very hard tap water.
In the United States on a broad scale was carried out similar statistical inheritance. Surveyed 7.5 million people living in 140 areas with soft water, situated on the banks of the Ohio rivers and Colombia, and with hard water - on the banks of the Missouri and Colorado. While mortality from other diseases (no heart), was practically the same everywhere, caused by the same disease of the cardiovascular system was 41 % less in women and 25 % for males where the water was hard.
Similar studies conducted in other countries, gave the same results. Let us come back to the UK. In England in 58 districts, and in Wales in 50 districts by the results of the research showed that in areas with hard water accounts for about 43 % fewer deaths from heart disease among women and 37 % among men than in areas with soft water. Hard water is known to be much tastier soft, but it is very difficult to wash, because there are lahmy", which soap does not give in soft water, more suitable for washing than to drink.
We all know that soft water contains a high concentration of sodium, and hard - more calcium, magnesium, lithium, and so on, Calcium and other mineral components in it so much that soap can precipitate in the form inconvenient for washing "LKM".
Long ago discovered that people (and animals) can't drink distilled water, as this absolutely pure water causes a disturbance of water-salt metabolism and the proper functioning of the digestive tract. The results are felt in 6 months. In distilled water analysis shows only traces of ions of calcium, fluorine and other elements, especially important for our body. When they are in enough water, the body of animals, as shown by observations, better resists diseases and becomes healthier and stronger than animals treated water without these elements.
In hard water, in addition to calcium, contains a lot of magnesium, lithium, zinc, cobalt and many other microelements, a long list of which we often find on labels of bottles of mineral water. And because magnesium is item number one, calcium - number two, if to keep in mind heart, we'll go back to ... heart. And here is one more interesting detail. While the water with salts of calcium, magnesium, etc. everywhere so valued that sometimes specially for drinking make it more rigid, other concerns are those who water bessolevaya. This happens in countries where there is no soft or hard water, but in excess of sea water. It is estimated that based on the use of seawater for drinking till 1980 it was published 2170 scientific works and issued 652 of the patent. This is one of the most important problems of the world economy.
What is the protective effects of hard water, in truth, is unknown. Dr. Earl Dawson, of the Medical University at Galveston based on the collected them for 10 years statistics reiterated that where there is hard water, people healthier. Don't die as often as in other places, from diseases of the heart muscle, heart attacks, etc., do not suffer from high blood pressure, and they usually have a lower content of cholesterol in the blood. It is also important that all of this is observed even when! the consumption of fat on average is higher than in areas with soft water, i.e. when drinking hard water can almost with impunity there is a lot of fatty foods.
How is it done? Dr. Dawson explains that calcium and magnesium from hard water are connected in the gut with saturated fats (solid) of the eaten food, the result is nothing like soap. This soap is not digested, it only stands out. Thanks man, drinking hard water, gets rid of unprofitable and unnecessary fats, but the body does not produce excess cholesterol, and he, in turn, does not threaten the heart of the heart, does not cause circulatory diseases, hypertension and so on, not to mention obesity.
What if we only have soft water? On the recommendation of Dr. Dawson, it is necessary to consume 60 mg of magnesium and 100 mg of calcium. It is equivalent to the consumption of 2 litres of hard water. The scientist is not advised to drink while carbonated drinks, which have phosphorus, because it associates Sa, depriving the intestines to produce soap". It is estimated that if all the people who drink soft water, followed the advice of Dr. Dawson and made up for the lack of magnesium and calcium, during 10 years for every 100 000 inhabitants would be 100 deaths from heart attacks less than now.
Magnesium is sold in pharmacies in different forms: magnesium oxide or of magnesium, sulfur, magnesium, or Epsom salt, and so on, People react differently to various forms of magnesium. Perhaps the most natural would magnesium oxide: 60 mg is pinch the tip of the knife. Tablets of calcium, too, are in pharmacies, often with marked on the label amount of the element. You can accept or lactic acid calcium or calcium gluconate and anything else that will write the doctor.