Sclerosis, heart and magnesium

Africans Bantu tribe sclerosis almost never, if they found a high content of magnesium in the blood. Europeans living in industrialized countries, are often subject to multiple sclerosis; magnesium levels have not only significantly lower than the Africans, but also constantly decreasing because of the more "civilized" power. This is one of the most serious reasons of lack of magnesium (and many other items) in our body. A deficiency may be caused by other reasons: alcoholism, diabetes, impaired absorption magnesium in the digestive tract, increased activity of the parathyroid glands, and used in the treatment of diuretics and sedatives.
Lecithin, amino acids, which play an important role in the regulation of the amount of cholesterol in the body,cannot be synthesized without the enzyme, vitamin B6 and pyridoxine.
On the other hand, the same enzyme acts only in the presence of magnesium. When I want to call in laboratory animals very strong sclerosis, then they are deprived of food sources of vitamin B6 and magnesium. In monkeys, for example, as a result of this diet appeared fat deposits in the body. And the blood test showed an extremely low content of lecithin and extremely high cholesterol.
To lower cholesterol, enough to Supplement the diet magnesium, vitamin 66, hodin and Inositol; all it contains, for example, sprouted wheat, yeast, liver, bran or other sources of b vitamins Century
But even if the content of these vitamins in the body will be sufficient, and magnesium little, Lecithin will not be formed and again appears too much cholesterol. Patients with heart disease, which is prescribed 500 mg of magnesium per day, usually begin recovering quickly, because cholesterol is reduced to the normative value during the month.
The need for magnesium is growing along with the increase of cholesterol in the blood. For example, the need Wistar rats for magnesium is increased 16 times compared to the norm), when they were fed saturated fats rich in cholesterol.
Our diet is poor, it is an important element. We underestimate its importance to health, and thus probably so many people are suffering in industrially developed countries premature sclerosis.
In 1970 at the Congress of myocardial presented the results of the work of determining the content of magnesium in the heart muscle died from a heart attack and died in automobile accidents. Have died from a heart attack found 42 % less magnesium in the damaged parts of the heart, than healthy. Among those killed in road accidents is no difference in the content of magnesium in the muscles of the heart was not observed.
On the role of magnesium as a means of preventing disturbances in heart muscle and blood vessels, the sclerosis we became aware for the pioneer works of Hans these days (Yes, Yes, the man who "discovered" the stress!). Already in 1958, he proved that magnesium ion can warn education, very dangerous for the health of cholesterol deposits. In experiments on rats with induced sclerosis he determined that their blood vessels and heart muscles were covered with deposits of cholesterol. In another group of rats receiving magnesium ions, sclerotic changes were noted. These days has shown that magnesium ion determines the level of cholesterol in the blood. Since then there have been many studies, including statistics, which confirmed its opening.
In Poland in 1950-1969, a pioneer in the study of the influence of magnesium on the sclerosis, and also on obesity was Edward Rurilo involved in the treatment of obesity Research center in Konstancin.
Many years at the University, Toronto data was gathered about the sudden concino due to heart disease residents of Ontario, on the vast expanses of which there is and hard, and very soft water. The results published in the journal "Canadian Medical Association Journal for July 1975, They once again prove the supposed healing properties of hard water. In samples taken from cardiac tissue (myocardium) died of a heart attack, was determined the content of 7 metals: copper, chromium, tin, cadmium, calcium, zinc, magnesium. The differences revealed only in the content of magnesium. Its concentration was 7 % lower in the heart muscle in people who lived in areas with soft water, than those who drank hard water. In experimental animals that received only a very small amount of magnesium, the first symptom was irregular heart rhythm, it was observed in people living in areas with soft water.
In his famous book "the Power to cure diseases" R. J.. William writes: "magnesium Deficiency is even not too much can be a cause of heart disease, but a serious deficiency of this mineral can lead to harmful consequences, as a rule, to heart attacks".
When finally the world was convinced that hard water (dolomite), containing 2 times more calcium than magnesium, a favourable effect on the human heart, began to think over what to do in those areas where there are only soft water.
In Florida, for example, drinking water was very soft (0.5 PPT), mainly from rainfall. The water did hard (200 ppm) and watch what it will have an impact on mortality from heart attacks. Among used for drinking soft water mortality was 500-700 per year, hard water has reduced mortality by almost half - 200-300 cases per year. We see only the stringency of the water reduces the death rate from heart attacks.
A. J.. Shaping, expert cardiologist, engaged in scientific research and prevention of diseases in Florida and has conducted similar studies in many countries of the world (as a member of the Scientific society of the British Royal medical society), gave a brief definition: "Soft water is strokes and heart attacks".
The scientist also confirmed the opening of other researchers that in cities where the tap water was hard, people generally had a lower pressure, lower cholesterol levels and more peaceful heart rhythm than those in cities with soft water. The pressure did not rise with age, which usually happens with people in the cities use for drinking soft tap water.