Stress and magnesium

What do these Proverbs ... magnesium? And the fact that magnesium deficiency can cause anxiety, nervousness, fear, anxiety, and insomnia, fatigue, headaches, etc., How many people around us are suffering from this painful for them and others? And only if peace could rescue them? Perhaps, but together with magnesium.
That magnesium has a calming effect, known for a long time. A deficiency causes changes in the nervous regulation. Injection of magnesium sulfide reduces these symptoms.
In veterinary practice known phenomenon of increased excitability of livestock and horses, caused a decrease in the content of magnesium in the diet.
The reason may be simply a deficiency of this element in the soil. But even if it is enough, adsorption of ions of magnesium in the digestive tract may be difficult because of the high content of protein or calcium. In the spring of animals sometimes appears so-called pasture tetany, due to the fact that young green grass lot of protein, impairing absorption of magnesium. It happens tetany and in calves fed only rich in calcium milk mothers, as excess calcium hinders the absorption of magnesium.
Attacks tetanii before the storm or the weather changes. And this shame magnesium deficiency it creates conditions for the stresses of various types, including bioclimatic.
But tetany happens not only in animals. And people suffer from diseases caused by lack of magnesium and manifested not only by convulsions and "derevyannye" muscles, but uncoordinated movements, disorientation, prone to hallucinations visual more often than acoustic, epileptoid spasms of muscles, mood disorders, depression, a very strong nervous irritability, etc. these Symptoms resemble rather tetany, caused by a deficiency of calcium, but are held in the treatment of intravenous injections of magnesium.
In life we often find ourselves in a stressful situation. Sometimes almost do not notice them, even though they put us in a constant state of arousal, or irritation. Often the stress caused by noise, which we sometimes do not respond, although he tortures us continually. Experimentally proved, first on rats, then observations by the reactions of people that the longer and more effective noise, the more reduced the level of magnesium in the body. And the more magnesium deficiency, the more we are exposed to stress. Both these factors - magnesium deficiency and the stress increases the risk of diseases of the coronary vessels.
"The Director's disease, or heart attackmore likely people are ambitious, striving for success in high positions, are prone to competition and, thus, constantly residing in a state of stress.
Until recently it was believed that atherosclerosis is the main cause of the pain that is felt by the patient, the patient angina pectoris. Now we know that painful spasms of the coronary vessels, often covering the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the heart, can be caused by moving clot or cholesterol plaque, etc., But what causes this spasm? Recently suggested that to blame the lack of magnesium.
Most of sudden death from heart disease is observed in areas with soft water, and where there is a magnesium deficiency in the soil. First, the blame was laid on the deficiency of calcium, but after careful study found that even more to blame magnesium.
In one published on the subject of articles scientists write: "the Shortage of magnesium in the diet of the inhabitants of developed countries, especially the individual geographical areas, may be one reason for the frequent occurrence of diseases of the coronary vessels".
In addition, low levels of magnesium are both animals and humans - is associated with high blood pressure, which all early heart disease. So it is necessary to avoid stress, including noise, and not to deny the body in the required amount of magnesium.