The list of unpleasant symptoms

Deficiency of magnesium first manifested, can be, and is not too sharp, but unpleasant symptoms. In this case, it is difficult to speak about the disease, and often not even think about having to go to the doctor, but health is disgusting. This is an incomplete list of the most various, but always unpleasant symptoms:
sudden dizziness, loss of balance;
twitching of the eyelids;
fog, shimmering point before your eyes;
dereviannie limbs, tingling in the legs, cramps;
loss of hair, nails fractures, dental caries;
fatigue, frequent headaches, difficulty concentrating;
sensitivity to weather changes, to cold and moisture, often causing a variety of pain (the teeth, gums, joints);
palpitations, arrhythmia, often accompanied by strong, piercing pain in the chest;
insomnia, nightmares, night sweats;
morning fatigue, even after a long sleep;
tearfulness or even bouts of melancholy;
the desire to do at the same time a lot of things that begin and not through;
sharp, cramping in the stomach, often accompanied by diarrhea;
a feeling of heaviness in the body;
spasmolitic, or spasm of the muscles when tapping with a hammer stump of the facial nerve, i.e. the so-called facial syndrome Hostka.
The main source spazmofilii - the most typical symptoms of magnesium deficiency is enclosed in the nervous tissue. The nerve impulse caused by the movement of ions of minerals, mainly calcium and magnesium, there is in this tissue. But if magnesium is too low, the exchange of ions is broken.
As a consolation, I must say that these symptoms never occur simultaneously. But enough already one, two or three of them to feel bad.
In the morning, about 6 hours, under the action of adrenal cortex hormones are released that allows us to maintain good health throughout the day, until the evening of fatigue. With a lack of magnesium is the opposite situation. The secretion of hormones occurs in the evening, which causes a feeling of extreme fatigue in the morning and in the evening - increased activity and difficulties with falling asleep.
If, stretching himself or straining muscles, we feel pain in ankles, then we do not have enough magnesium. If saturate them with the body (in the form of tablets dolomite and magnesium oxide with vitamin C), painful muscle spasm passes. The mechanism of all these troubles concluded in the wrong exchange of calcium and magnesium in the nervous tissue. Magnesium acts adjusting and calming effect on the nervous system and the muscles.
Were surveyed 5 of 100 patients suffering from chronic fatigue and lack of any interest, including sexual desire. All of them gave extra magnesium; as a result, 87 people felt much better. Fatigue was gone, there was a desire to live, good mood, and it is already 10 days. Survivor claimed that the dream of their refreshes, which was not seen for many months.
In the diet athletes also try to take into account the need of the body in the magnesium salt, as this element increases the tonus of muscles and calms the nerves.
In case it is worth mentioning that relieves fatigue, increase energy, vitality, etc., our body is not only magnesium (although the lack of it by itself causes fatigue), and vitamins E and C (this discovery was made by Czech scientists and reported this in the "Przegladu medicine Czechoslovak", 1976, I. 22, no. 4). B vitamins are considered "fire", which supports energy, the life force of our body. We should not forget about the movement needed to sustain energy and avoid fatigue and apathy. The movement is part of health. Need to late age gymnastics, sports, tourism , etc.