Can be considered proved that certain types of mushrooms (mould) produce aflatoxins. These toxic products of metabolism of mold is one of the most formidable biological factors (carcinogens)that cause cancer. Discovered in Krakow and its outskirts cancer, the so-called cancer of the house, were mouldy: there have been conducive to its appearance humidity. Research, for the first time in the world by Polish scientists have also shown that the leukemia caused by mold, there are not only people but also animals. On some sheep-folds almost all cows were impressed so-called blood cancer. Sometimes it leads to the death even of bees.
Aflatoxins are produced different, though not all, types of mold. It is proved that, for example, Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus niger, often affecting the earth nuts (peanuts), also produce potent aflatoxin, causing cancer.
It follows the General principle of prevention. In no case can not have the products, at least to some extent affected by mildew. Makes no sense to remove plaque mould, as may aflatoxins is already inside of the product.
Aflatoxins, as paint, easily penetrate into the liquid, hard - thick or solid matter. So moldy compote to pour, but with zaplesneveyut jam enough to remove the thick upper layer, and the rest, if you did not change the taste, can be eaten.