In an emergency situation

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The degree of purification of blood throughout the session mixed. First it goes fast, and the worse starting position, the faster then more slowly. On average an hour from the blood eject 10-20 grams of urea. On this very important indicator of the health artificial kidney surpasses both kidneys healthy person. And besides, it restores normal blood levels of calcium, chlorine, magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulfates, phosphates, carbonates. The exact balance of these cations and anions of acidic and alkaline substances needed by the body for the smooth functioning.
In acute renal failure, when the blockade kidney results in severe intoxication, artificial kidney pulls man from the dead. Always? Medicine does not give an absolute guarantee. Against them rise the individual characteristics of the organism - and subtle, and unpredictable. This, on the one hand. And on the other - artificial kidney is unable to fix damage in the nephrons. If they have changed, do not meet the standards, the artificial kidney powerless. Because it is not intruding, but only substitutes them, this is the device vnepochechny cleansing blood, emergency tool. Thanks to her that helps to survive when negligence, ignorance or ill will, sudden illness, severe injury attacks the kidney lightning strike! Thanks to the scientists, engineers, chemists, thanks surgeons, nephrologists, the technicians, who was able to invent, to learn, to put at the service of health.
Artificial kidney works and in the state itself, perhaps, now practically relevant field of Transplantology - kidney transplantation. The dialysator supports life, provides a tolerable level of well-being in humans, waiting until the transplantation will be found suitable, a compatible organ. The waiting may be delayed. Sometimes helps currency across borders, oceans and continents - so rare search matches biological characteristics of two people who died from an accident and the one in whom will start a second life to its healthy, intact kidney.
Expands a field of artificial kidney instead of living to periodically clean the blood from harmful waste metabolism with chronic renal failure. Such assistance is, of course, better than nothing. She returned to the person the ability to work. But it is not going to prevaricate is to some extent an illusion of health. Crutch, prosthesis, even the simplest, like false teeth that are constantly reminded how they rougher and capricious than our own tissue. And kidney constructed of highly differentiated cells. To recreate their functions completely is very difficult.
Probably, in the future - hopefully, in the not so distant - numerous family artificial kidney will be the modification that replaces the nephrons not in session and not in part, but permanently and completely. Relying on the computer, this device may be, will learn to calculate and regulate biochemical requests liquid environments of an organism, which must meet the kidneys. Then - who knows! - the art of being healthy will find otherwise, we still unknown content. And today in the name of longevity, good health, courage and ability to work, in the name of joy active life should be able to protect their gentle, industrious, kidneys, to create for nephrons conditions of most favored nation.