Exercise yoga

History knows many examples of unlimited possibilities of the person. Thanks to a long and persistent training this can be achieved even in modern conditions of life. When performing yoga exercises one should not forget that man is a biological organism, which is characterized by a specific functions: physiological (blood circulation, digestion, breathing, and other) and mental (perception, thinking, memory, imagination and so on). Therefore, for the normal functioning of the human brain is necessary not only oxygen and food, but also information from the senses (touch information).
It is known that from the impact on the consciousness of mood (especially after waking up) largely depends on the nature of our behaviour in the family, collective, social environment. It is therefore important that in the morning the brain receive impulses in the form of thoughts, able during the day to influence inner spirit, the creative activity of man: the mood depends largely on the character of course of all the neuro-psychic processes (optimal level of emotional responses to various stimuli).
Therefore, he who has learned to control his mental activity, can monitor and all of his nature. That is why it is necessary conscious influence on an organism of the person running the physical and breathing exercises (network basic elements "of the initial stage of" development of yoga is shown in the table).

Terms of mastering the basic elements of exercises "initial stage" yoga

Name exercises The period of mastering the exercises for beginners
1 month 2 month 3 month All subsequent time
Physical exercises (FU) FU (GU) - - -
FU (OHM) - - -
FU (OMR) - - -
Breathing exercises (DU) THE REMOTE (PU) THE REMOTE (GU)    
  The Dwan (PU) The Dwan (GU) -
Legend: state University - main exercise; PU - preliminary exercise; OHM - General physical exercise muscle tension; ORME - General physical exercise relaxation of muscles; remote - full breathing exercise both nostrils and lungs; Dwan - breathing exercise (alternate) one nostril "contemplation"; RM - exercise "Swinging of the pendulum". the time constant execution of GIS or remote control.