Magnesium is a universal controller

As so, the same mineral magnesium can help with such different diseases as multiple sclerosis and heart attack heart, nervousness, weakness, allergies, and many others, including cancer of the blood?
The answer is very simple. Magnesium is a regulator, supervisor of our body. The human body, as it is known, consists of cells. All the life activity of cells metabolism, protein synthesis, division, and so on - independent, but controlled by one element, namely magnesium.
Magnesium is Bioelements acting effectively to everything that happens in the cells. In the experiments on chicken embryo was shown that a significant reduction in the concentration of magnesium slows down the metabolic processes in cells. In short, magnesium ion facilitates the progress of life processes, while the deficit is difficult.
In maternity hospitals noticed that women suffering from the shortage of magnesium, not only gave birth long (over 18 hours), but also produced offspring, also showing the symptoms of magnesium deficiency are weakness, often in the form of seizures.