Kidney stones and hemorrhoids

Let's talk a little bit about the kidneys. It is known that all scientists are very careful with the hypotheses, and especially with the claims. Representatives of medical science does not make this exception. They are rather more cautious. Usually what they report, accompanied by a lot of "admissible", "probably", "may", and almost always ends like this: "further research is needed".
Against this background, a surprise was the report of the four French scientists (J. Thomas, E. Thomas, P. Desgrez and A. Monsaingeon) of urological clinics in Paris that with complete confidence and even enthusiastically reported favorable influence of magnesium on the prevention of the formation of kidney stones.
Magnesium, as they claim, practically prevents the formation of kidney stones. Small stones body is able to distinguish itself (as speak evil of women's tongues, it's the only thing in agony and pain to give birth to the man, with large, the situation is worse - to remove them almost always need a knife of the surgeon.
Most often, the formation of kidney stones causes oxalic acid, which enters the body with many of its rich products: spinach, sorrel, rhubarb and other Oxalic acid is associated in the body with calcium and forms insoluble oxalates, gradually accumulating sand, and then formed kidney stones. The influence of magnesium on the formation of oxalate crystals French scientists studied first experiments in the test tube and concluded that during 3 minutes can sometimes be formed 100-120 mikrochristallica. But if you add in a mixture of calcium chloride with oxalic acid salts of magnesium, is not formed, and one of the crystal.
Then conducted the experiments on rats. The result was the same. Without magnesium salts of oxalate crystals were formed easy, but if for 30 minutes before reception of oxalic acid rats were treated salt magnesium, oxalate crystals were not formed.
Needless to say that tried to treat thus patients with kidney stones. They received about 300 mg of magnesium per day or even more - the results were excellent. X-rays showed that the stones have disappeared completely or partially. After that, many doctors in different countries have tried this method, and finally came to the conclusion that the best results are obtained by assigning it is about 300 mg of magnesium per day with the addition of vitamin B6 in the amount of 10 mg Statistics show that about 89 % of patients with chronic tendency to the formation of sand and stones of oxalates can be cured completely with the help of magnesium. Treatment (sometimes continuing 4.5 to 6 years) is relatively cheap, well tolerated, no side effects and is almost always gives excellent results.
All this is good, but it is better to prevent the formation of kidney stones. And for this you need to eat healthy and to ensure that the products have enough magnesium.
Here is the true story. The patient at the age of 50 years who worked as a woodcutter who was always healthy. But for some time he began to mark themselves of disturbing symptoms: bleeding during bowel movement - first to 1 times per month, then more and finally daily. He quickly began to get tired. Appeared frequent cramps in the legs and bruises - large and small, dark-blue and yellow. But the most painful was a disgusting smell that came from his body. Helps neither deodorants or frequent baths. Other days, it is up to 6 times took a shower, and half an hour later the smell appeared again, and it's so strong that his wife demanded a separate bedroom.
Studied the diet of the patient and came to the conclusion that he is eating too much meat and generally protein. Drink lots of black coffee and vegetables, especially leafy green, or fruit in his diet was not quite. Thus, all symptoms including hemorrhoids, were triggered by poor diet.
Tests showed that the content of vitamin K in a patient was too low and amounted to only 58 % of the norm. No wonder it is so easy appeared bruises. And the hair analysis confirmed that suggested the doctor after talking with the patient: a huge deficit magnesium.
He has advised include green leafy vegetables in the greatest possible number. In addition, your doctor has prescribed clariilovee tablets and vitamin C and magnesium in the form of dolomite tablets (calcium). The wife of the patient dieselstra helped to create an appropriate menu with lots of vegetables, especially salads, as well as vitamin R (rutin) - many in the white skin of citrus, fruit hips, buckwheat and other products.
And after 2 weeks of such nutrition and treatment were muscle cramps, after a month has gone by hemorrhoids. After 3 weeks him back the desire to work and energy, a tiredness disappeared. Gone bruises and finally a bad smell coming from the body. Such examples are numerous. But they would take a whole book.