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Even more tragic evolved order in hospitals for the mentally ill. The word "chaos" now refers crying mess. But this is the title of the London hospital, where the mentally ill were chained to the wall and for a fee showed visitors.
The first hospital for these unfortunate people more reminiscent of a prison. And there are something they are only in the XVIII century.
And what was before that? Psychiatry was the area of medicine where the Church and its teachings were later expelled only. Rejecting the achievements of Greek and Roman science (Hippocrates and Galen believed madness brain disease and recommended soft treatment of such patients), the Church has put forward his theory of the origin of mental diseases. This was an extensive teaching about people who are demon-possessed.
Middle man believed demons though invisible but very real participants in their daily lives. Several times a day he heard in Church about their tricks; if you were literate, read about them in religious literature, saw their tails and horned image in the wall painting of the temple. People were afraid, as though omnipresent devil is not slipped them with food and drink, while you sleep. By the way, the custom quickly to baptize mouth when yawn preserved in the life of believers it is from that era, even when the Spanish king slept under protection of two monks that kept him from night attacks of the devil, and the clergy boasted a number of demons, though expelled them from the possessed people.
The Church has developed and applied their methods of treatment of the mentally ill. In the period of its activity, when these means were limited to "Holy" water, "sacred", ointments, pilgrimage to Holy places and sources, they do not significantly influenced the course of the disease. For example, a believer from a distance they traveled to the city of Besancon, to touch handkerchief "the" Christ, hoping to get rid of painful attacks. He did not receive the desired, but they enriched the Treasury of the temple and returned home.
But the idea of demon possession, which existed in ancient religions, in the teachings of the Christian Church got its further development. We need to punish the representative of the impure force, inspiring person, proclaimed the Church, and any means to expel it from there.
But how? To start a shot in the course of spells designed to defeat the enemy in the most vulnerable area is the pride. After all, religious view, it is pride which has led Satan and his numerous demonic troops to revolt against God and the ensuing decline and downfall in hell. There was a special book - "Treasury spell", which proposed a set of texts from the incredible strange mixture of the words in the Hebrew and Greek languages, curses, threats and curses which can "hurt", "insult" evil spirits.
The Church considered developed procedure spells his achievement. The Bishop of Beauvais claimed that through this ceremony he made five devils to sign an agreement that they and their employees will leave the patient, of which he was treated. In 1583, the members of the Church of the Jesuits in Vienna boasted that they were expelled from people of 12 652 devil!
In the XVI century insane trying to "help" by the beach, and if the spell and the beach was not helping to expel demons torture. Instead hospitals built "towers of witches", "tower of fools". The Church has developed a special manual, in which he instructed his Ministers to the art of casting out demons from people, they possessed.
Fear of falling into the power of the devil and be subjected to torture has resulted in many monasteries and related villages mental illness turned into a real epidemic. Crowds of men and women went to the tomb with the relics of the saints. Imagine lush procession of people who scream, cry, howl in different voices, beat themselves with whips, curse of the devil, and call on the help of the mother of God, figurines which dispassionately sail among unimaginable squeal. It was a mass psychosis, a kind of hypnosis, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that a healthy person, dear join the Crowd approached the tomb of Saint already sick.