Industrial losses

When cleaning and grinding grain into white flour is lost 78 % of magnesium, clean grain buckwheat loses 79 %, threshed barley - 70 % of this element. In the processing of green beans in canned lost 56 % of magnesium, peas only 43 %, while the crude peas contains only 91,2 mg % of this trace element. Corn canned loses 60 % of the contained magnesium, corn flour - 56 %, and white sugarsugar it contains 200 times less than the dark molasses. When cleaning we deprive potatoes 35 % magnesium.
Everything is clear in the case of flour, refined sugar, and refined potatoes. Magnesium remains in the bran, molasses, ochistka. And where disappears magnesium in canned peas, beans, corn? Most of this element becomes the fill. Of course, we are talking only about the soluble compounds, as well as vitamins C and group C. So we commit sin, pouring out "water" of vegetable canned food in the sink. It is possible to evaporate a part of it, when we heat peas, and the remainder to use in soups or sauces. If we eat peas, corn or beans cold, water cans, you can add, for example, mayonnaise salad of these products.
We have to reckon with the fact that the thermal treatment of any kind, including pasteurization, entails loss. Therefore, nutritionists and urge us is all that you can, raw, as if to prepare, as soon as possible. In the West there is now the fashion is cooked vegetables semi-rigid. Maybe they are not so delicious and suitable only for healthy stomachs, and far more valuable.