Standards for levels of magnesium in the body

Regulations prescribe men 350 mg of magnesium daily, 300 women, pregnant and nursing mothers - 450 mg, and always in 2 times less than calcium. As calciumand magnesium, carried by the blood, are connected with albumin protein. If the diet is not enough protein, little and albumin to link and hold excess calcium and magnesium. They go to the urinary tract, which can eventually cause the formation of stones or sand.
Studies conducted in Finland and in Africa among the population eating natural products (not purified industrial method), where together with food the body receives a large amount of magnesium and calcium, showed that there is almost no nephrolithiasis, despite the fact that the average daily body gets 4 to 5 g of calcium. He, however, counterbalanced with sufficient magnesium and protein.
What are the norms of consumption of magnesium in Poland? Below is the table developed at the Institute of physiological chemistry of the Academy of medical Sciences in Lublin and published in "the Magnesium in biology and medicine" (according to the Institute of nutrition and food products and internal research). It provides daily norm of magnesium, energy and protein for different groups of population.

Population Energy, feces Protein, g Magnesium, mg
Children from 1 to 3 years
Children from 7 to 9 years
Children from 10 to 12 years
Girls of 13-15 years old
Boys 13-15 years
Men in the work of medium gravity
Pregnant and nursing

If your husband (son, wife, daughter) restless, continuously irritable, nervous for nothing, is aggressive and noisy, simply, as "savage", you can turn it into a calm, sweet, "charming gentleman", giving him every morning at least a Cup of cocoa and a quarter of a coffee spoon of magnesium oxide. The result achieved after 15-18 hours
May be you are to blame for the fact that your loved ones are so nervous? Or rather, not you, but how and what you feed?
If they feed mainly white bread, pasta, noodles, sugar and honey, cakes and cakes and other sweets, eat at this little greenery, raw fruits and vegetables, but also consume a lot of alcohol, you can be sure that their little body of magnesium, but because they are obnoxious, will suffer from insomnia and jump up to the ceiling from the slightest noise. May be other symptoms, such as a tendency to vomiting and diarrhea and even mental deviations, sometimes so severe that the person recognize the psychopathic personality. This is most often manifested first serious signs of magnesium deficiency. It is necessary immediately to take measures to change the way power so as not to become worse.
A small addition: in the human body contains from 20 to 30 mg of magnesium. 70% of this amount fall on bone, the rest - on the muscles, glands of internal secretion, and a bit of magnesium is in the blood. Magnesium has a sedative effect on the nervous system, both Central and peripheral, balances - nervous and muscular, provides the body inner peace.
He is also one of the potent activators of enzymes, particularly those that affect the absorption of protein or other organic substances. Magnesium is also necessary for the body to produce antibodies, it is involved in the body's defence mechanisms against infections. Huge role in the processes of blood coagulation, production of estrogen (female sex hormone), and in the intestines, bladder and prostate gland.
In France believe that at least 50 % of the population suffer from it of a lack of magnesium. No food provides the organism with a sufficient number of this element, because it is a low-products containing magnesium, or they are generally deprived of this element; when we lose weight, magnesium in the diet is not enough, and if treated for any disease, pharmaceutical agents inhibit its absorption or removed from the body (for example, laxative, sedative, birth control , and so on).
Do not be surprised if the norm for the average healthy adult man 300-400 kg of magnesium per day doctor will prescribe you double or triple the dose. This dose is required in case of violation of the growth of the youth, during pregnancy, feeding, or who are poorly absorbs this element.
What happens to the body when it is necessary magnesium, and he does not receive it with food? His blood just "stealing", like calcium from bones.
It is always better to take preventive measures and not to bring themselves to a condition which will require the intervention of a doctor. So won't feel sorry for myself - at least from time to time - cocoa, chocolate, oat flakes, nuts, almonds, and never forget about the usual black bread!