Iron seemingly has everything, it is easily available, but many doctors and nutritionists say deficiency of this element is one of the most common defects in our food.
Let us think, why iron deficiency causes so many different consequences? From hair loss to a heart attack heart. The answer is simple: all of our health depends on red blood cells. These microscopic particles, 5 million of which can be placed in the head of a pin, in the literal sense of the word manage our health.
If blood cells accordingly tint, they can be seen under a microscope. They look like tiny buttons with a diameter of about 7 microns and thickness of approximately 2 mm. In such a tiny part contains an average of 280 million molecules of hemoglobin, and in each molecule - 4 atom of iron, so that the sum of their more than 1 billion We live in a world of unimaginable large quantities or rather unimaginably small.
Hemoglobin, as we have said, plays an extremely important role in our body. Its main function is the supply of oxygen and removing carbon dioxide becomes possible because these substances form hemoglobin weak ties, easy emerging and easy disintegrating. Unfortunately for us, hemoglobin able to create a strong, permanent communication with the oxides of carbon, called carbon monoxide, and with cyanide acid, however, he loses the ability to carry oxygen and excrete carbon dioxide. This is poisoning by these compounds.
Obsolete blood cells break down in the spleen and liver and give them our iron. But, as always happens in such processes, part of them dies and together with other remains of metabolism out from the body. Food should compensate for these losses.
From the already mentioned 3 to 5 and even 6 g of iron in the body, about 57% are blood hemoglobin, 7% (called myoglobin") - in the muscles, 16% are related to tissue metalloenzyme, and 20% of this stock, deferred in the liver, spleen, bone marrow and kidney. From all this it follows that iron is necessary not only to create blood cells and muscles, but also for the existence of many metalloenzymes that drive the various life processes, especially in the brain tissue, the most highly developed form of living matter. Apparently, for the high development of the brain and have to pay a huge price: they need only 5 min to remain without oxygen, and already death occurs. Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that the deficiency in the period of formation of the brain causes changes in its development.
The entire mechanism, "managing hardware, extremely accurate. If the item is not needed by the body, it simply is not absorbed: special protein (apoferritin), located in the lining of the intestines, is blocked and the body does not take iron. It protects the body from its excess, because if we are healthy and do not suffer from bleeding, isolation of iron passes slowly and gradually.
And what about the donors? If they give 500 ml of blood loss protein is about 100 g, and iron - about 250 mg of Regeneration, if you can speed it up, can occur after 35,2 day, usually through 49.6 day. It is proved that vitamin C (200-500 mg) at least twice accelerates the absorption of iron. Donors can also appoint 1 g ammonium ferrous salts of citric acid, but all is not well perceived. For regeneration of blood, except iron and vitamin C is also vital for many other elements as copper, cobalt, vitamins (especially vitamin B12, B2, B6 and folic acid).
In the future, donors are not only expected to be the main hematological research, but also do tests on the content of bio-elements and vitamins in the blood. Thus, blood banks and donor station will have blood taken from selected people and contains a large number of items that are valuable for those who are blood would serve. This will allow you to get the best results in the treatment.