Antibodies and iron deficiency

It often happens that independently from each other scientists come to the same opening. So it happened with L. J.. O Kanalom from Dublin and B. N. Kalderom and his colleagues from the USA. They studied antibodies, in particular the question about whether iron immunity and it affects the structure of white blood cells (lymphocytes) as the main determinant of immunity to infections.
The research results obtained independently by each of the scientists showed that antibodies were not formed, if the food was too much calcium, sugar and generally sweets. But most suppressed the formation of antibodies iron deficiency. The lack of this element is reflected fatally and first of all to the formation of antibodies to a much greater extent than, for example, on the content of hemoglobin or the reserves of iron in the liver, blood, and other organs. The first sign of the lack of iron is always a reduction in the number of antibodies.
Often the results suggest that iron - normal, but this, however, does not guarantee us that in a critical situation it will be enough for the formation of the necessary quantity of antibodies to prevent the disease. Thus, we see, as it is difficult to determine the real need of each of us in the gland. It is better to consider, that it is very little.
Research conducted in America's public health Service have shown that iron deficiency is the number one problem, both among children and among older (Negroes and white). This is a problem for 58 % of children at the age of just over one year of age, 86.5 % of pregnant women, etc., In a somewhat better situation are men older than 60 years, among them only 36.8 % of the iron content was below the multiyear average. All is simple: in this age of men eat more than women.
American nutritionists say that we are satisfied hardly 1 / 3 actual needs of our body in the gland, taking into account the fact that for the overall health requires more than the prescribed norms. Some scientists argue that before, when cooked in a cast iron cookware, a large number of iron ions passed in food, enriching it that way. In our time, when we cook in aluminum cookware in cooked dishes no iron ions. This raises an objection, it is known that absorbed only macro - and microelements and organic origin. Inorganic, as a rule, cannot be digested.