When too much iron

Could it be that our body will be an excess of iron? Of course, sometimes it is not so rare. In early February 1981 in Gdansk was detected high concentrations of iron in water and in other cities the water sometimes becomes brown, with flakes of iron. It is unpleasant to look at, sometimes has a smell, but is it really dangerous to health?
Excess iron in the body can be harmful (like any excess). This writes L. Apolinary in his book "water Technology". But in practice it happens incredibly rare.
By Polish standards, in tap water can be up to 0.5 mg of iron per 1 liter Such amount to the human body is not harmful, and in Gdansk brown water it no more. But ironand deposited on the walls of water pipes and reduces their lumen, in addition, the water is unfit for some industrial enterprises, including commerciallaundries. This is why water cleaned from an excess of iron.
And another thing. The Ministry of health determines the rate of the total content of iron in water. But in the water varies iron. The connections of trivalent iron (for example, hydrate of iron oxide, health harmless) are excreted by the body, and iron ferrous (iron sulfide) digest.