Nitrates, nitrites and nitrosamines

The next group of carcinogenic substances - some compounds of nitrogen on the harmfulness of which much is said and written. These include, for example, the "innocent" nitrate, add the ham and other smoked products from meat and fish. Smoking with nitrate (saltpeter) has been used for at least a thousand years. But now in many countries it is forbidden. Instead of now using nitrate nitrite, usually in combination with ascorbic acid (vitamin C). This method is more modern and yields better than saltpeter, results. But so far this is the only tool that allows to get products that meet the requirements of smoked foods, even traditional pork loin. Studied nearly 700 connections substitutes and... nothing! None can be replaced by any nitrates or nitrites, ideally prevent food from spoiling, preserving their freshness and color.
However, as nitrates and nitrites in certain circumstances become carcinogenic nitrosamines. Some researchers argue that widespread stomach cancer among Japanese is not only due to the fact that the fall in food remnants of asbestos fibres used for cleaning rice, but primarily the habit of eating smoked fish soaked nitrosamines.
It is known that nitrosamines become extremely dangerous in the presence of aflatoxins and other mycotoxins*, especially at deficiency of vitamins C and E, well "blocking" or even suppress the formation of these compounds. Unfortunately, for preventive purposes we get them too little. It should be noted that sometimes the bacterial flora of the intestine produces aflatoxins, usually with a lack of hydrochloric acid.
Nitrates and nitrites may also be present in foods of plant origin, if they are grown in soil, in which excess shall be entered nitrogen fertilizers. Plants can absorb these substances from soil "without measures". Of course, this process is complex, it is caused by many different factors, but primarily this is due to unreasonable use of fertilizers. It should be noted that different plants depending on their age and species accumulate different amounts of nitrates. For example, young plant contain them more than adults, already ripened. As far as growing under plastic film or glass relatively expensive, soil unwise periodoral nitrogen fertilizer to plants grew faster, as a result of early fresh vegetables are full of nitrates and nitrites.
Nitrates for healthy adults not dangerous: they are low-toxic, easily excreted in the urine. But, however, they become dangerous when they go into toxic nitrite. And this happens if the person suffers from low acidity or gastritis of the stomach and intestines. These symptoms mostly occur in infants and the elderly.
So infants in the first months of life it is necessary to prepare juices from fruits and vegetables grown on neodobrenie the soil, for example in the private garden or yard. In addition, in the manufacture of juices for babies and old people need to strictly adhere to hygiene, because the bacteria convert nitrate to nitrite. Juices must be absolutely fresh or - as do American women to be stored in a freezer to avoid over-development in them of bacteria.
Infants exposed to poisoning nitrite especially in the first three months of life. Then they have a high percentage of fetal hemoglobin, more sensitive to the harmful effects than hemoglobin adults. In addition, not all of enzyme systems of the young organism work quite regularly.
It also happens that the water in the wells "poisoned" nitrates and nitrites. This is particularly common in spring, when the water level rises in the soil and at the same time fields abundantly Dobroudja nitrogen fertilizers. Conducted in 1981 in the territory of one voivodship of Poland studies have shown that the level of nitrates and nitrites in 78 % of wells exceeds permissible norms developed by the world Health Organization (who). It is therefore not surprising that in this province are most often there are cases of poisoning of infants, especially being on artificial feeding. In any milk - what measures were taken - always microorganisms, easily and quickly turns nitrates from the water added to milk, nitrite.
The harmful effects of nitrite explained first of all by their affinity with dye blood (heme) and education of metgemoglobina, unable to carry oxygen. Hemoglobin is as if paralyzed, muffled - oxygen deficiency occurs in the body. Poisoning can be identified by appearing around the mouth brown-blue coloration of the skin, gradually covering the entire body. Other symptoms: vomiting, shortness of breath , etc., adults and young people often develops anemia. We repeat once again: vitamins C and E may in such cases to help, in addition, they act preventively.
* Mycotoxins - the General name of toxic products of metabolism of various mushrooms.