The quacks and charlatans in medicine

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 There is nothing worse 
 active ignorance. 
 I. Goethe

I also note that the progress of civilization does not exclude any belief in the supernatural or persistence of prejudice.
Professor of California University NAND collected about 400 thousands of different beliefs, prejudices and superstitions. In the United States published a research Professor of the University of Pennsylvania Edward Gifford "Evil eye". We are talking about the magical properties of the eye, which allegedly have certain persons. In the survey of 1300 students at Stanford University found that believe that 84 percent of girls and 72 percent of young men.
In Germany after the war spread the book "Magic, miraculous home treasure of proven techniques for different purposes" the book contains, for example, such recommendations. In severe diseases urine of the patient repeatedly boiled pork, which must then give the dog: the dog is about to kick off - the patient recovers. Eye disease should be treated earthworms, rotten in the glass and turned into a miracle "oil". If the blood of a black cat, ear which for this purpose is cut out a hole to irrigate the bread and eat - it will help with fever. The tooth pulled out a living mouse stops toothache. Impotence tubers jatryshnika buried for three months in a horse-litter, then every morning bite off from the tuber piece by piece...
, St. Louis (Missouri, USA) in 1980, opened the national Museum of medical quackery. It presents confiscated exhibits intended to heal the world from any disease. Here and apparatus that cure "mental disorders and diseases of the glands of the personality" (still hadn't found), and the apparatus "Relax " And"that help to lose weight through exercise, effortless"and "battery organic energy", enclosing all diseases, and various means, "cures of cancer and other ailments.
In 1981 he published an interesting article by a French Professor G. Desspierres with the characteristic title "the Patient and the disease. The charlatans, witch doctors and paramedics". The author notes that their number in France surpasses the number of graduate medical workers. Themselves "healers", however, prefer to be treated by the scientific means, real doctors. By the way, the last matches, and to my observations. And what about us?
Lyubertsy crooks were made of satin and silk ribbons "security zone, saving all diseases". In the short term was sold for 12 thousand zones*. This success could be the envy of even the trumpeter Gavrila from the play by M. Gorky, "Egor Bulychov and others".
The electromagnetic coil of one of Riga plants "discovered" universal method of treatment of diseases based on their own medicine theory. It turned out that the author is mentally ill person, registered in the mental hospital. This however did not prevent "the scientist" to take part in the oral newspaper of "news" in the State library. C. I. Lenin... in 1974!

* True, 1968, 21 Feb., № 52.