The static-dynamic exercises

The static-dynamic exercises for beginners free energy connection with the noosphere.
The degree of muscle tension, as it is known, largely depends on the body's need for oxygen. Under the influence of relaxation (relaxation of muscles) decreases the flow of impulses from the muscles, ligaments and joints in the Central nervous system. Muscle relaxation increases the flow of nervous processes of the person. Therefore, the transition from the tension of the muscles to relax and again to voltage promotes a kind of gymnastics nerve centers, in particular the training of the autonomic nervous system. According to the Soviet researcher, Professor K. C. Dynaco in the book "Movement, breathing, psychophysical training" (Minsk, 1982), physical exercise, especially in combination with breathing, eliminates excessive spontaneous, uncontrolled movement, relieves spasms, eliminates obsessive thoughts, etc., Change of tension and relaxation of muscles combined with breathing exercises provides regulating effect on the main muscles of internal organs, including vascular system.
Given the usefulness perform such exercises and lack describe them in a comprehensive and accessible manner, we provide a methodology for their development. For proper assimilation of physical exercises (KFU) yoga is desirable preliminary (over several days) to carry out preparatory work to achieve the following goals: to get rid of involuntary movements of the body (face, nervous tapping fingers, turning the pencil in his hand, and so on); to learn how to sit still, not moving a single member of the body (you need to train every day for 30 minutes at least one week); not to blink and not to shudder at any surprises (fright, bright flash, the shot, the thunder and others); relax "as a rag" and strain (in turn) the individual parts of the body to "wooden", without affecting the other muscles; to strictly comply with the planned mode of the day (a sample of such a regime in the initial period of exercise are given in table 4); to comply with (preferably) microbiological principle power supply (to limit the intake of meat and tinned food, very hot or cold dishes and spicy, sour, sweet, salty foods, but it is better to adhere to vegetarian diets).
Only after performing the above recommendations you can count on a complete success, and move on to the immediate implementation of KFU, which includes the following three sub: PFC-1-General muscles of the body; PFCs-2 - General relaxation of the muscles of the body; PFCs-3 - with a voltage of certain muscles of the body.
The satisfaction of each of PFCs is carried out in two stages: adoption original position (IE) and run the main exercises (SU). Before you embark GU, you need every time to mentally focus on the upcoming movements, certain parts of the body; to present the usefulness of such exercise (the order and number of items offered PFCs, can be modified as desired performing their faces).

Sample mode of the day (for the initial stage of training)

No. Event Duration of the action The run time of the event
1 Awakening after sleep (autogenic training in bed) 5 min 5.30-5.35 better at 4.00-4.05
2 Exercises for beginners with tension and relaxation of all muscles of the body 8 min 5.35-5.43
3 Drinking Cup warm water 2 min 5.43-5.45
4 The release of the large bowel and bladder 5 min 5.45-5.50
5 Preparation of Breakfast;
light Breakfast
10 min
15 min
6 Purification of the nasopharynx 5 min 6.15-6.20
7 Free time: airing, preparation for work, shaving 25 min 6.20-6.45
8 Exercise for individual muscles of the body 20-30 min 6.45-7.15
9 Water procedures 5 min 7.15-7.20
10 Dressing, toilet, exit to the work 10-15 min 7.20-7.35
11 Useful work at work at home - 7.35-22.00
12 Preparation for the night 15 min 22.00-22.15
13 Exercises for beginners with tension and relaxation of the muscles of the whole body 10 min 22.15-22.25
14 Concentration (autogenic training) 5 min 22.25-22.30
15 Sleep 7 (preferably 6) hours 22.30-5.30
Note: during the day, for example, in 10-11 hours) can do lunch. If there is insufficient time for Breakfast, you can eat an Apple or a carrot, well cleaning the sky. Instead of a light Breakfast and after PFCs (30 minutes ) you can arrange a hearty Breakfast. The nasopharynx is cleared lightly salted warm water: by suction her two nostrils to the limit of its capabilities, and then blowing of the nose under the pressure of expired air (you can repeat the procedure, blowing water through one nostril 3-4 times). The mode of the day (Dean-charya), featured ancient Ayurvedic medicine (Ayurveda), the rise before the sun; the answer to the natural desires of the body; cleaning of the tongue, ears, eyes, nose, throat, etc.,; oil massage, baths, exercises; the office, physical work, and so on; Breakfast / early lunch; a little rest, professional work and performance of duties; evening walk; early dinner; time spent in the family; a deep sleep.