Forty ways to give up walking

Friendly may morning 1790 on the way to Bristol slowly drove two riders. The sun was shining and bright spring greens pleasing to the eye.
One of the riders was Jenner, rural doctor from the area, Berkeley. His companion Gardner, a connoisseur of literature and art, willingly visited his friend, hospitable owner and witty interlocutor. Besides Gardner admitted in his poetic talent.
- Do you have something new, Jenner? I always enjoy listening to your poems and claim that the doctor had killed the poet in you.
"Well, don't speak so strongly about my profession, Gardner. You know that I'm still in thirteen years chose medicine and do not regret it. As for poetry, I am not up to them. I deliberately made this walk to trust you with his secret.
- Again, something medical?
- Yes.
And it's really a mystery?
- Not exactly. Earlier I tried to talk about it with your colleagues, but they were a joke. Supported me only my London teacher - surgeon Gunter. He said, "do Not argue, and more, watch, try, keep patience, be careful and accurate". I followed his advice. And I think Gardner, I'm standing on the verge of a great discovery.
- You mean his experiments?
- Yes, Gardner, them. I test the same hypothesis. Many years ago, during the time of apprenticeship, I was faced with such a case. Once I had a chance to talk to the woman whose child was ill with smallpox. I had told her to be careful, too, not to be infected. "You, " she answered me, " smallpox I get sick can't because I already had vaccinia". You know, Gardner, in the voice of that old woman was so much conviction that her words were remembered. I saw not one epidemic - they lack was not. It seems the nature protects only the milkmaids and milk: they were really sick frequently than others.
And if the woman right? Then you can artificially infect human smallpox sick cow. Its something people carry easily. And after that they are not afraid of any epidemic.
Here on this problem, Gardner, I beat many years. She takes me all the time, especially now. I not only have no time to write poems, I gave up his medical practice. Lost in farms, barns, see the sick animals. Sometimes they have a real smallpox, sometimes false. They need to be able to distinguish. Nevertheless, it is worth to forget about everything else. And suddenly in my hands a lifesaver?!
- Oh, Jenner, Jenner, you have always been attracted to the man! And now this story with cow pox... you never know what will come up with an old woman!
"Well, okay. You wanted lyrics, Gardner? Get them. I will tell you forty ways in which you can withdraw the offer friend to take a walk together and to listen to a boring conversation:
      In the night flashed the lights -
Lit a hollow fireflies.
The barometer fell mercury.
Here the wind begins to blow.
Became though far below the forest,
Became though below the canopy of heaven.
The earth pressed clouds,
And hurts your ears the song of the cricket.
She echoed by a sharp cry of thrush.
The water is clean as ever.
- Oh, Jenner, enough of this!
- Well, so be it, little miss, but listen to the end, next time will be useful.
      The frog has changed color -
Her brown jacket.
And toad crept into the grass,
Pig worries in the stable.
Fresh, although June day.
Touch - humid old stump.
Rooks came down from up high,
Like a bullet struck.
Dal sunset pale,
Behind the clouds hide the moon.
Yes, the rain! It is time to accept
that picnic will take place!