What do we have?

Let's start with calories. Take care of their figure women often suffer from a lack of iron, because in the diet of 1,500-2,000 calories a day with food in our body receives too little of this element (10 mg). Are fans (and not only those who want to lose weight!) eat mostly milk, yogurt, fruit, cheese and generally among dairy products, and they are very low in iron. In egg yolks it, however, there is, but - remember - in kubosova form. So the "wise man" tries to add to such a diet of some product, rich in vitamin C, to double the number of acquired from the yolk of iron. For example, parsley, fennel, orange or lemon juice, jam of dog-rose etc., Some scholars argue that it's not all that iron from the yolk is poorly absorbed, and that it blocks the absorption of this element of the other ingredients. Recall that, as the research showed, the optimal dose of vitamin C, which increases the absorption of iron, is 500 mg
Older people often do not absorb iron. These difficulties disappear as soon as they start to take vitamin C, and sometimes and hydrochloric acid. However, only a doctor can determine whether a treatment with hydrochloric acid side effects. Without a doctor's advice to take it is not necessary to anybody.
As a rule, meat, fish, poultry - all good sources of iron. In them, in addition, a lot of protein, which improves absorption and utilization. A lot of iron in the guts, such as the liver and language. In beans and peas, sprouted wheat iron too much.
Many nutritionists believe that women who lead a sedentary lifestyle, not wanting to become fat, little to eat, to take on prescription - iron as medicine. You can take the tablets, if only this hardware was organic origin, as in food products.