An excess of fluoride

For recreation area adjacent to the factory that produces superphosphate, or aluminum plants, developed install on patent professors Century Biede and So Gerlach and engineers Liskevich and Warecka. They allow you to clean dust emissions already in the stack and return, therefore, to normal soil poisoned by dust containing fluorine. Reduced content of sulfide of aluminium and he is neutralized poisoned salt tin and other poisons the earth.
Fluoride tablets give sometimes children of school age for the prevention of dental caries. This is very dangerous, especially in areas with excess of fluoride in the soil. Its content in the body can reach the upper limits or even to cross it.
How can I know that fluoride is too much? Along the small spots on the tooth enamel. First, they can be gray or whiter than the enamel, but more than in the body of fluoride, the darker spots and finally become brown or black. Teeth look as if they were leaky, start to crumble, it is even difficult to seal. According to Japanese scientists (1969), there is a correlation between the increase of fluorine salts in food and cases of cancer of the digestive system.
Fluoride may be in the atmosphere, and then breathe it, we, plants and animals. As a rule, fluorine more where there is a developed industry. Fluorine is even called "poison priority".
In 1930 in Belgium at one of the factories, accident victims, within 5 days from the chimneys stood gas with high content of fluoride and sulfur. Several thousand people had a sudden attacks of breathlessness, 60 people died. Dr. Kai Rogol from Copenhagen treating these patients, described the course of the attack. He found that even natural fluorine compounds in excess of very toxic. They are the cause of diseases of the skin and mucous membranes, have toxic effects on the plasma cells and lungs, causing symptoms similar to asthma in severe form. In the case of acute poisoning lost Lulls, appears pale blue skin, heart quieter, there are hoarseness and vomiting.
Fluorine compounds soluble, so that the plants receive their water, and from the air through the leaves and accumulate in the fruit. Concentration of this element in the leaves can grow in 2-260 time. In Florida, where developed the production of superphosphate and 17 factories daily emit 17 tons of fluorine compounds, since 1966 in citrus orchards, remote 60 miles from factories, dramatically reduced the harvest. Oranges, for example, grew by only of a plum. Besides, noticed, that had never before lost here so many cats.
Plants turn acquired #mi fluoride in substance, toxic or very harmful to people. Organic fluorine compounds extracted from soy was 500 times more toxic than inorganic compounds present in the water and the air. So to water the plants water with fluorine too dangerous.
Canadian Uchenye determined the content of fluorine in canned food products (pork and beans, tomato soup, vegetable mix, two kinds of beans, peas and others) and condiments and concluded that widespread food is the rapid increase in the content of fluorine compounds. Since then, the food industry is obliged to determine fluoride content in the products.
In the state of Minneapolis, where the fluoride added to water, the observed increase of fluoride content in grain. Worried about this discovery nutritionists and doctors in countries with a highly developed industry began to study this issue. For example, on the Peninsula of Newfoundland, where to eat a lot of fish, humans have about 1,74 mg of fluorine only from fish products, 1 mg of fluorine body absorbs from 5-6 cups of tea and 1-3 mg - of dough, baked with baking powder. In sum, it is already more than 3 mg of fluorine - the maximum daily dose for an adult, the rate for children is 2 mg in Addition, water perereca, "so that children do not have dental caries". In Iowa in the United States there was a real war for water fluoridation, and dentists, meanwhile, found in children "marked" teethbecause the industry "provide" an excess of fluoride in water and air.
They feared fluorine and think about what to do to avoid poisoning that element. Of course, much depends on the industry: fluoride is released in the air not only factories for the production of super-phosphates, but also for the production of iron, steel, copper, zinc, aluminium and other metals, and ceramics, bricks, paints, glass, petroleum industry.
Currently, fluorine is the subject of careful research of many scientists, and the results are not encouraging. Relevant institutions are obliged to take measures for rational protection of environment from this mineral, and in any case struggle with the attempts to fluoridate water, salt and other foods, especially in places, poisoned by fluoride. Fluoride should only be assigned individually and carefully take under constant medical supervision and regular testing.