Smoking and alcohol use

Statistics show that Smoking is undoubtedly contributes to lung cancer. But the number of smoked cigarettes, pipes (pipe is not so harmful?- still harmful!), cigars and so on, not decreased. And among doctors not much abstaining that harms another, and medical education.
Alcohol consumption is growing faster. Meanwhile, it is known that he is a contributing factor to the occurrence of cancer of the oral cavity, larynx, oesophagus and liver, especially when people smoke too. It seems that alcohol acts as a catalyst for carcinogenic tar from the tobacco. The risk of cancer for people who smoke, and drink, 15 times higher than for non-Smoking and non-drinking.
Do You drink?
This is not the place to preach about the harmful consequences of drinking. Since time immemorial, people were drinking, and they probably will always be. But the astonishing thing is that here, as in many other countries of the North, this weakness leads to fatal consequences (rudeness, impudence, adventurism and aggression) and eventually turning into a serious disease. While in the South, where drink alcohol a lot more in terms of pure alcohol per inhabitant, such unpleasant consequences or not observed, or they are found much less frequently.
Indeed, as established researchers, people living North of the 62nd parallel, alcohol does more harm than living in the South. In the Mediterranean basin, in France, in Spain or Italy, not to mention the Arab countries, where, indeed, religion forbids the use of alcohol, but where, as is known there every child, they still eat slowly, and many, is not observed such severe consequences, as for example in Denmark, Sweden, Finland or Poland.
Decided to take a closer look to how it feeds the population in these countries, then looked about the content in food products, vitamins, mineral salts and so on, In the end it was concluded that the reasons done by alcohol damage "are in the field of ecology". Confirmed that the adverse effects of alcohol increases when the body lacks or missing compounds such as calcium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, lithium, and some vitamins. In addition, alcohol decreases in our body levels of these metals, especially zinc, calcium, magnesium and lithium. But that's not all. Alcohol opens the road and makes possible the penetration, particularly in the brain, such poisons as heavy metals (tin, mercury, cadmium, beryllium...). In other words, the shortage in the body of microelements necessary for health, infiltrated metals ' negative', these poisons. Well, the result is obvious.
In Poland and the indigenous people of the Polish Tatras - the highlanders, and North of Pomorie - Kashuba drink a lot of alcohol, especially at weddings, parties, etc., Highlanders literally "chip numbers", no holiday is complete there without drunken fights, which sometimes result in dramatic consequences, and the transporting the Kashubian cottage such excesses virtually unknown. But... it is established that in Pomorie, where they live, 300 times more of lithium in water, air and earth than in the mountains or foothills of the Tatra mountains. And more than in any other part of Poland.
It is not easy to study for a drink. But you can do much to mitigate the effects of alcohol ecological conditions and by the appropriate power, to achieve the rapid removal of alcohol from the body, so it is not poison the brain, just to make drinking more "safe". Repeat: the drinker's body requires increased amount of calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium and lithium, and vitamins C, a, E and C. All this he can get with appropriate food. Investigators offer a very fascinating book: Jarosz M Samoniszczenie, samobojstwo, alkoholizm, narkomania. Ossolineum, 1982.