Subcomplex of exercise yoga

Subcomplex of physical exercises (static) with a total voltage of the body muscles - PFC-1
Perform these exercises provides output (emissions) energy from the body that is necessary for effective physiological metabolism of natural origin and disposal of wastes (for example, extinct organisms). Exercise yoga for beginners is performed in three positions (standing, sitting, lying) alternately. Each position has three phases of implementation: bottom-up, top-down, "instantly".
Execution PFC-1 starts with taking the starting position (IE): lie on your back (for the "lying" - without a pillow on the hard bed or on the floor litter), extend hands and feet, to ensure a smooth and even breathing, close your eyes, take a few deep pull-UPS of the muscles of the arms and legs, pulling his arms by his side, to make the most deep breath breathing exercise.
Turning to the implementation of the main tasks (SE), you should follow the sequence of the phase performances in each of the three positions (standing, sitting, lying). In the phase of execution of the "bottom-up" body muscles tense up sequentially one after the other - to achieve a sufficient hardness (without the "wooden"). Thus, one should not ignore such body parts as the toes, feet on the whole, the pelvis, torso, arms, hands, shoulders, head, jaw, his eyebrows. This exercise can be done within one to two minutes for each of the three positions. In the phase of execution of the top-down exercise is done in the reverse order. In the phase "instantly" all the muscles tense up their "wooden". You should note (leave) the body in this phase a few seconds, watching the muscles of the neck, which cannot be tense because of the potential overlap of blood flow to the brain. This exercise is performed in all three positions.
Exercise with a total voltage of all muscles of the body it is desirable to do twice a day (in the morning, when waking up and in the evening before bedtime) for 5-6 minutes. In the future, with the full assimilation of KFU, this group of exercises can be performed only in the phase of "instantly".
When done correctly, PFCs-1 in humans a strong stimulation, a sense of strength and energy, allowing it to move from a phase of revival to vigorous state.