Silicon and beauty

To this element alone are somewhat dismissive, but others - with extraordinary enthusiasm. Especially great faith in him different healers, healing herbs. They often prescribe silica - silica. Here is what writes Dr. J.. Pajor: "...the Loss of hair, nails fractures, the tendency to various bruises, all kinds of inflammation, poor skin condition, bedsores, fungal diseases, dandruff, old wounds are treated silica...
In many cases, acne, which was treated in different ways for 8-10 years no positive result and recovered within a few weeks, the ingestion of silicon dioxide...
In practice physicians-dentists silica helped to cure ulcerative gingivitis. Inflammation of the gums starred silica 4-5 days".
Silicic acid is part of connective tissue. It is above all in the young tissue and in the epidermis. Silica also works well on capillaries, reducing their permeability (prevents bruising). Experience confirms that synthetic drugs silicon on the effectiveness of the actions do not go in comparison with silica plant origin.
What is silicon?
In horsetail contains 60 % silica, although only 1-1,5 % in a soluble form. In addition, approximately 0.25 % this connection is pikulnik, knotweed, couch-grass, nettle and mother-and-stepmother.
That's the kind of tea from herbs recommended medical herbalists: make 50 g horsetail, picolinic and nettle and 100 t knotweed; spoon this mixture, pour two cups of water and boil on low heat until "e boil half the contents of the pan. Silica is poorly soluble, so the grass needs a long time to heat over low heat, so they did a good brew. Drinking flask 2 times a day on a half-glass. Jerzy Walldorf in time advised to drink tea from horsetail, which helped him.
Especially a lot of silicon horsetail in the period from mid July to August. For example, type Eqwsetusm hiemale (according to Sedlak, author of the famous work on silicon) contains 70 to 96 % of silicon, a Equisetum arvense (horsetail is the most common) - from 49 to 76 %, in Addition, horsetail many manganese, nitrogen, sodium, and other components. Silicon is also contained in plant foods that are rich in cellulose, bran, oat flakes and bread from wheat flour.
According to Y. Anarskogo, silicon is about 0.01 % of our weight. He mainly concentrated in the thyroid gland (310 mg %), then - in the adrenal glands (250 mg %), the pituitary (81,4 mg %), lung (40-80 mg %), muscle (2-8 mg %), blood (0,1-0,9 mg %). Its content in the body decreases with age. You must also know that in the process of regeneration of broken bones silicon content in them increased 50 times.
And that's the way to apply silicon dioxide outer: mother-and-stepmother, knotweed, couch-grass, horsetail, pikulnik mix in equal amounts; 2-3 tablespoons of this mixture pour 2 glasses of water, boil 15 minutes, then add 2 tablespoons of vinegar or azulene, which can fluid, so it doesn't dull (this is a sign that the solution is broken). In the evening, wash your face first with water, then infusion of herbs, and 2-3 times a week to wipe the entire body. Excellent effect on the skin, gives it a healthy, youthful appearance.
Silicon promotes growth, because it helps to build bone, initiates the process of mineralization, regardless of vitamin D; it is especially necessary for children. Has a beneficial effect on the heart, teeth, bones, hair and nails adult.
This element is found in the human body in very small quantities, is after oxygen most associated with the biosphere element. Experimental animals treated with 50 mg of silicon per 100 g of food, grew significantly faster than those who did not receive this trace element.
How many silicon we need?
Still to this question there is no authoritative answer because of the complexities of the medical and analytical character. Because glass, which is made of laboratory glassware, itself contains silicon, and all analyses should be performed in plastic devices. One of the most serious research on this topic was held in the USSR. The work consisted 587 pages, he issued in 1978 under the name Silicon & nutrition, its authors are Voronkov with employees.
In Poland over the silicon worked for many years already mentioned I am Angarski (biochemist from the University of Warsaw). He came to the conclusion that for the proper metabolism need a combination of three elements; magnesium-calcium-silicon.