Everyone knows how difficult it is to break free from the power of any habits. It is also known how deeply rooted in every nation, some associated with the tradition of eating habits. But sometimes curiosity still wins, and we eat something that never would in the mouth didn't take, and what is even more surprising, the new products or meals are often we like. Scientists hope that by using this "curiosity" man, will be relatively easy to convince the society to change the system of power, to enter in the menu of certain products, which delivered us from illness and disease, "donated" by civilization.
That is why, maybe, it is necessary first of all to discuss the problems of food, despite the emergence of diseases such as cancer, is influenced by many different factors. In America, published a paper entitled "Persons most prone to cancer". 520 pages presents modern data on this issue. Lists, to the extent possible, all factors that may be the reason for the appearance of tumors,radiation, drugs, occupational disease, the impact of the environment and nutrition.
This is the most comprehensive currently working on this topic. It is unusually important findings concerning the proper nutrition, because they easily can immediately be implemented. But still it should be noted that the supply issues are related mainly to two kinds of cancer: cancer of the colon, including colorectal cancer, which is 15 % of all cases, and breast cancer, which claimed the lives of many women in Western Europe and North America.
Turn a little to the story. Even in the days of our grandfathers, immediately after the end of the first world war, it is unusual book of the doctor of medicine MacCallum "The Science of Eating ("nutritional Science"). Those who have read it many years were very impressed. MacCallum described 7 experiments. He wrote, for example, about how people are dying on the construction of the Panama canal just from what they were fed in "official diet", only one of the most modern refined products. And next in the jungle there were plenty of "health": fruits, rich in vitamins and mineral salts. But didn't use it.
Unusually dramatic description of the fate of the team very fast at the time of the German warship that, piratstva in the Atlantic ocean, stoked many ships, taking with them all the best, including the products. After 250 days swimming in 1915, the ship had to surrender, and he went into the neutral waters of new York. The whole team was sick. The author is a doctor describes in detail their ailments caused by poor nutrition. For example, 1 / 3 of seafarers acidity was raised so that they were unable to work.
What are they eating? Meat, fat, white flour, sweets and other "luxury" products. MacCallum quickly cured them - mainly heroin from potatoes, carrots, beet and other vegetables.
How so? After all, nutrition and health as difficult as many factors here are at the same time, complementing or excluding each other, and as a result it turns out that everything depends on tiny, just unimaginably small particles. The exciting world of biology!