Exercises with the General relaxation of the muscles of the body

This complex is, as a rule, to relax and rest after any exercise or exertion, for the removal of physical or mental exhaustion of organism, during the day, it is also needed if irritation or anger. It should be remembered that only with full relaxation of all muscles of the body possible influx of energy and recharge the body. When doing this exercise physical body concerned should be positioned horizontally: back, neck and head is strictly on one line, which promotes active engagement of energy within the body. If it is impossible to take a horizontal position can therefore rest in a sitting position. PFC-2 will be performed immediately after completion of PFC-1 (or after exercise each phase PFC-1 is similar exercise PFC-2).
For this subcomplex initial position is the same IP PFC-1, but the hands are placed along the body with the palms up. Then, during the transition to GU, completely exhaled air of fixing this state for a few seconds (no air in the lungs). What follows is an attempt to slow breathing (to the extent possible without strain), and gradually started down, relax all the muscles of the body. As you relax each muscle separately it is necessary to focus on them, gradually shifting its focus from one muscle to another, yet relaxed, until the body is completely will not be relaxed as a "rag". In this state (it should be maintained for the long time) has not felt the body, it rests. While in this position, it is useful to concentrate on the heart - try to listen to his knock, mentally, inner sight "see" him with the gradual full breathing and fixed breath. In this state will be felt profound peace that gives strength and restores health. It is desirable calmly and confidently tell myself: "I rest... I am very easy... I am very good...". According to K. C. Dynaco, a ten-minute breaks in this situation is more favorable than a dream, for knowingly and intentionally created the body sleeping during wakefulness - active and passive.
PFC-2 is usually in the mornings and the evenings (recommended for any age). Exercise is best done on the floor, carpet, or clean the litter (it is desirable to lay your head to the East) in ventilated room. You can do PFC-2 and sitting.
Since PFC-2 is the flow of energy in the body, when it is done correctly, immediately feel the pleasant heat wave distributed throughout the body - from head to feet. A smile appears on her face, then comes the rest disappears irritability, there is physical comfort, the result of the exercise of the nervous system receives complete rest, a proper circulation (blood pressure in the veins is reduced and normal work of heart).
Tension and relaxation of the muscles of the body are very useful for the intensification of human activity throughout the day.