Sixty and sixty-years

In 1907 in St. Petersburg was published brochure of priest G. Petrova, "the Teacher humanity". So the priest named after Pirogov. The famous scientist was no longer alive. Now wrote his biography.
"Teacher of humanity" is also a kind of biographical sketch. Undoubtedly, the author knew the life of his contemporary, read his "Sevastopol letters, articles and speeches Pirogov in Newspapers and magazines. It examines the activities of the Pirogov at all stages except one. In this brochure, offering humanity a famous Russian surgeon, no line on the huge him in pain. Is there in all of medicine, the problem is more humane than this?
Here the author is a priest writes about the trip Pirogov on the Caucasus, in the theatre of war: "Many locally produced very battles operations gave himself to Pirogov plenty of material for his famous later works "of the Beginning of military field surgery".
Indeed, this work became famous. But the Pies in the introduction to it consciously selects one point first test of anaesthetics at the siege of the village of Salta. During the defence of Sevastopol Pies almost ten thousand times operated on the wounded under General anesthesia. And when stocks ether and chloroform not promptly replenished, raged and raged.
Pirogov was the first in the country has applied his method of anesthesia in a difficult childbirth. About it enthusiastically reported in the journal "Contemporary" in the summer of 1847. Of course, this fact the author of this booklet has been silent.
You can understand flag-sightedness of a Minister of the Church: its objectives the promotion of the achievements of science has never been, moreover since the opening anaesthesia was only sixty years. In such a short time the Church is not reconstructed, has not changed its attitude to this humane opening.
But after the release of brochures priest passed over sixty years, is like no other. And what? "Painkillers have in medicine greatest value. They allow surgeons to do the most complex operations without causing suffering to the patient... In surgery chloroform - the most valuable and blagodarnaya tool".
Who so fervently establishes the truth, which has long become an axiom? Modern religious magazine!
Of course, he does not aim to write about science. A reason to praise the chloroform gave the episode from the biblical story of the execution of Christ. When, according to this source, was crucified on the cross next to the robbers, one of the guards on the spear offered him a sponge soaked in vinegar and gall. It was that same "sleepy" sponge, which tried to cause pain without special, however, success.
The same magazine mentions Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov. Here is what he says: "In the days when did the operation of the great Russian surgeon Pirogov, chloroform was not, and operated the patient with full consciousness experienced terrible pain."
Excuse me, but this is not so! In the quote so many inaccuracies that they are more like a deliberate distortion of the truth. It is in practice Pirogov and his contemporaries ether and chloroform passed the first test, revealing their positive and negative properties. It Pirogov after the first experiments described anaesthesia as "really a great tool that known in relation can give an entirely new direction for the surgery.
So it happened...