Someone more, someone?

High doses of vitamin C are required smokers, alcoholics and even just a drink, patients with diabetes, anyone who takes a lot of aspirin, as well as lovers of sausages and smoked products - meat products containing nitrogen compounds. These compounds (nitrate) ispolzuyutsya to save fresh types of smoked and cured meats, and under certain conditions can form in your stomachs nitrosamines - carcinogenic substances. Now vitamin C is often added directly to food, to some extent reduce the harmful effects of nitrosamines.
In addition, large quantities of vitamin C to the right people, those who drink water from corroded pipelines, living near the highways with heavy traffic, taking certain medications such as tetracycline or the contraceptive pill. Any shock, stress and chronic diseases also increase the body's need for vitamin C.
Everyone who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day (20 pieces), should be increased on 20 % of the vitamin C in comparison with the usual norm" and those who smoked more than a pack,which is 40 %. It is verified in 2000 smokers canadian doctor Omer Palate. As it turned out, smokers worse absorb vitamin C2. Those who drink a lot of beer, wine, vodka, etc. also need to increase the intake of vitamin C. This is confirmed Scottish vrachi. The fact that the activity of the liver, which produces an enzyme that allow alcohol in the blood depends on vitamin C. Than his less, the longer you catch the body. It is also noticed that the vitamin C in combination with thiamine (vitamin B1 and cystine, and certain minerals (magnesium and calcium) can help the body of the alcoholic or Smoking to cope with the constant poor health caused by these bad habits.
Patients with diabetes also require higher doses of vitamin C - an average of 1 g per day, because their bodies are hardly transported across cell membranes. Diabetes contributes to the development of sclerosis, but large doses of vitamin C help to deal with it.
It is known that cadmium is a poison to humans, even in small doses, it will increase the pressure. This toxic trace element falls into the water from broken water pipes. Vitamin C and zinc help to neutralize pathological changes caused by cadmium. This was confirmed by the results of the experiments conducted on jivotnyh. Similarly vitamin C saves us from poisoning gases and dust in the atmosphere of industrial towns and villages or freeways, highways and roads with heavy traffic. In addition, ascorbic acid is one of the most valuable to our health antioxidants.
Common sense and observation of your own body, and knowing us doctor will help us identify the need for vitamin C. Levels in the body is variable and depends on many reasons. In the morning at Breakfast, it may be enough, but by lunch - less than half. A few minutes of strong emotions, such as anger, "burn" 2000-3000 mg or more of vitamin C. And this despite the fact that we have almost no ability to create reserves of vitamin C in the body.