How to determine the lack of vitamin C?

The doctor can easily determine it. As to what one should pay attention to the one who wants to do it himself? Primarily on language. About 200 years ago, James Lind, for the first time included in the diet of seafarers citrus, described a kind of varicose veins - nodules on the lower part of the language - as a sign of scurvy. Much later doctors have confirmed this as absolutely reliable sign. On the lower part of the language appears as though rough red lines. Another sign that spot, even groups of small red spots or scales on the skin of the shoulders.
Another appearing later, symptom: the gums, bleeding when brushing teeth, when you eat solid food. Quite often, these symptoms can occur in older people or recovering after an illness. As a rule, in such cases, it turns out that the diet is not enough foods rich in vitamin C, and if accepted pills, or in too small doses, or the body adopts them badly.
Complete assimilation of ascorbic acid promotes vitamin R. there are two forms of the vitamin: rutin (at hemorrhoids, varicose veins, etc.,) and citrine, contributing to the absorption of vitamin C. It a lot in the white skin of citrus and routine in many buckwheat.