Vitamin C and cancer

In 1971, the world flew exciting news: cancer can be cured With vitamin C! Evan Kameroi from Scotland, and Allan Campbell said in a scientific journal that large doses of this vitamin can cause a natural immunity to cancer. However, the message contained a number of reservations.
Vitamin C increases body resistance to all diseases, not only cancer. Cameron together with the famous Linus Palanga stress that in many cases vitamin C actually increases the body's resistance to possible cancer, but only if it will be quite a lot. In addition, to a certain extent, vitamin will pomojet in the restoration of the sick cell or tissue, and also promotes increase of leukocyte activity and the effectiveness of their actions; helps glands of internal secretion in the production of hormones, allowing the body to better tolerate stress.
When rats caused cancer carcinogenic chemicals, their body has produced so many of vitamin C, which translated into human needs it would be 16 g per day. Animals, except Guinea pigs and monkeys, are able to synthesize ascorbic acid in your body, man is not! He must enter his daily with food. Cameron and Pauling was determined that in the body of a patient with cancer is a huge deficiency of vitamin C, it is almost on the verge of scurvy. Doctors treated With vitamin C 50 volunteers, usually so patients that did not have any hope for a cure. The beginning was encouraging. 10 patients out of the experiment for different reasons, such as not consented family. Not all of the remaining received a large dose of 10 g of ascorbic acid per day. Started diarrhea, palpitations, increased acidity and so I -- each had some unpleasant symptoms. Doctors in General was aware that the dosage above 4 g per day can cause the formation of kidney stones.
Of the 40 remaining four patients died at the beginning of treatment, and 17 for a long time there were no changes in health status, but then the pain diminished, and they felt better, though not too noticeable. At 11 patients showed a significant improvement. For example, the 67-year-old patient who is already impossible to do the operation, because cancer is in the liver and gall bladder, after treatment with high doses of vitamin C have returned appetite, he gained weight, uregulirovali the stomach; the patient lived 209 days after starting treatment with ascorbic acid. This disease was typical for the entire group of 11 patients.
In 18 patients improvement was distinct and often startling. Thus, 69-year-old man in 1969 had surgery for cancer of the rectum. In 1972 he returned to the hospital with obvious symptoms of liver cancer in the early stages. Treatment of ascorbic acid was carried out 6 months, i.e. up until liver again began to function normally. The patient is two and a half years continued to take ascorbic acid, but in normal dose, and was, according to doctors Cameron and Campbell, perfectly healthy.
Vitamin C prevents disease, but not cure it. Helps the body to fight the disease, especially in the initial stage, but only in cases, when the body has it's own internal LEDs. Linus Pauling claims that about 10 % of deaths from cancer could be avoided if patients are constantly get enough vitamin C. As he calculated each year could be saved only in the United States of America 15-20 thousand people. The theory that he outlined in the report on the opening of a new Oncology laboratory at the University of Chicago in 1971