Case in Australia

Australian doctor Archie Kalokerinos wrote a book called "Every second child...". According to statistics, among the aborigines of Australia dies every second child. Hence the title of the book. Once this indigenous population of Australia was occupied by the most fertile land of the continent, and had a fine health. Aliens from overseas has driven them to lean ground. Just in one of those villages and arrived a young doctor, who had just finished medical Institute.
He immediately found in most children with chronic Qatar and inflammation of the middle ear and began treatment with antibiotics. But a miraculous cure gave wonderful results. Little patients died. The doctor took his small hospital a few sick children, and hoping that will help them good food. Vain hope! They died the same way as the rest, suddenly, unexpectedly, without any prior symptoms.
The most severe patients - easily excitable, with a heavy breath, bent, like the elderly, the spine, refusing to eat - the doctor sent to well-known specialist living in 220 km from the village of natives. And he identified them scurvy.
Dr. Kalokerinos didn't want to believe it. He gave his patients a much larger quantities of vitamin C than required in their age. Symptoms of scurvy were unusual, strange. But he still has appointed vitamin C injections and was amazed at how quickly she recovered.
It turned out that the diet of the natives almost completely consisted of white bread, white flour, jams, sugar and sausages. No foods rich in vitamin C in their diet was no fresh vegetables or fruits. In addition, it was found that resistance to disease among aboriginal people generally, and especially in children is much lower than the white population. This explains such a big need for vitamin C.
To the surprise of Dr. Kalokerinos, in 1969, 20 years after the events described above, three doctors from the district Alice Spring, i.e. the so-called civilized, not lost somewhere in the wilds, reported on his own observations: blood aboriginal very little vitamin C.
The dispute began on priority has done so much noise in Australia that now all aboriginal given additional doses of ascorbic acid. It is recognized that the death of every second child was caused fatal oversight of medicine. Since then, fundamentally changed the way the power of the aborigines.