The epidemic in China

Fast forward now to China, where the events taking place in two provinces, show how important it is for our health nutrition.
In Linien and Fancies (Peking University, China, 22.07.78)
It was terrible: the statistics showed that in Hunan province (southern China), in the area Linien, 20 % of all deaths attributable to cancer, and they are just not true figure - 379 cases per 100 thousand people, of them IN thousand of cancer of the esophagus, for 30 years (1941 - 1970)!
For comparison, in the USA esophageal cancer y 6 for every 100 thousand people per year, and is among the white population, because, for unknown reasons, the colored it happens three times less. But in districts and provinces adjacent to Linciano, cancer deaths happen much less often - 1.43 per every 100 thousand of population. Where did such an epidemic in Lysiane?
First, found that in the area in 29 out of 124 studied food contained nitrates (23 %). And in the nearby area Fancied carcinogenic nitrates in food products was less than 1.2 %. Of the 86 samples of products in only one found nitrosamines. However, other studies have confirmed this rule: where a lot of nitrosamines and other nitrogen compounds, spreading cancer. Where these compounds little, this terrible disease occurs much less frequently.
Another observation: in Lysiane loved and often the only vegetables were pickles. The drums were buried in the earth, in which there fungi and moldthat cause different diseases and in combination with nitrosamines becoming very dangerous carcinogens.
Immediately began to give to the population, both local and proezzhaya through the area and get stuck at the stations, tablets of vitamin C, which, as is known, is a powerful antioxidant (protivookisliteljami) for the compounds of nitrogen - it seems to deactivate them. At the same time on rats were carried out follow-up research. At first they were fed foods rich nitrosamines (what ate residents Linciano), then gave vitamin C, and in 1 hour stomach content of investigated. It turned out that vitamin C was acting more effectively, when at the same time with him during meals gave vitamins P (rutin) and PP (nicotinic acid). In this case, vitamins are blokiruyu on nitrogen compounds, which was then confirmed by the results in humans. A daily dose of vitamin C was 300-900 mg. After 6 days of such treatment, the content of nitrogen compounds in urine decreased to normal, but then increased again as soon as he stopped to give the vitamin. Cancer, mainly esophageal cancer in the area Lintian hurt not only people. Perished poultry, which is also fed cucumbers. It was necessary to find the factors conducive to the emergence of this disease.
Studies have shown that in areas of distribution cancer amount of trace elements in food was incredibly small. Lacked salts of magnesium, iron, selenium, molybdenum, barium, titanium, manganese and aluminium. The food was not enough vitamins, especially vitamin C. Studies are still underway, but the fact remains that after Lysiane changed the power to the people and added to the soil appropriate artificial fertilizers, pickles added fresh vegetables, and intake of vitamin C was for residents daily habit, marked a sharp decline of cancer.
If we are on the vast expanses of China, it is worth mentioning the recently discovered endemic (local local disease) in the province of Cachan. Now, there sharply rose the death rate from heart attacks. At the same time the animals were dying from the so-called diseases of "white muscles", celebrated only in animals and manifested in the defeat of the muscles, awkward movement and fall. The first began to study the disease veterinarians. They found that the disease of animals caused by a lack of selenium in the soil. It was assumed that this is the cause of heart attacks in people. The autopsy showed that they were right. The deceased has been a considerable lack of selenium in the body. Added this microelement in food and eliminated endemic.
Worth and we start to take action and be protected by the appropriate power from carcinogenic mycotoxins (cancer causing the blood). We must not forget about such antioxidants like selenium (yeast), vitamin E (wheat), vitamin C (greens, vegetables and fruits), and also about such a simple tool like fiber (bran, oatmeal, rye bread, corn).