Exercises with a voltage of certain muscles of the body

The most important feature when performing PFC-3 (Fig. 1) is the combination of slow exercises for the muscles gradually, growing in time, their stress and the subsequent instant relaxation.
These exercises for beginners, as the most important part of KFU, include four kinds of motion for the main parts of the body: the stretching and bending down, bending and straightening right to left, circular motion to the right and left turns (torsion). This polycomplex based on the principle of "reduced-voltage" certain muscles of the body is made by a strong-willed efforts. Thus it is necessary to keep in mind that reducing the currently muscle filled with energy. You must also continuously send pulses internal "I" in a tense part of the body. As such pulses rationally "to send" a sound combination of "om", which by stimulating the pituitary gland, adjusts the operation of the cerebral hemispheres and stabilizes the "biofield" of the body. With regular practice this exercise internal nervous force - Kundalini will manifest more and more tangible.
PFC-3 is designed to develop the basic parts of the body (for manifestations in them not only physical, but also spiritual power") - the hands, elbows, shoulders, fingers, neck, body, belly and legs. It includes, as a rule, the above four types of movement of body parts, each of which runs approximately one minute.
Full cycle of one type of motion for each part of the body corresponds to the finished item exercise certain phase PFC-3. For the implementation of the PFC-C takes 20-30 minutes depending on the weight of the exercises, the degree of pressure on the muscles and depth of focusing on them in the course of employment (the "deeper" the concentration on these exercises, the less time is spent for their execution).
Following the principle of physical exercise leads, as research has shown, the emergence of great physical strength, promotes submission to the will of all muscles of the body (soon you'll want to feel any part or even a point - inside and outside the body, to strain it, to manipulate it), makes a man in a literal sense railway, the owner of a strong nervous system and health. Dealing PFC-3 can independently (if necessary) to add new exercises for beginners or reduce their number.