Vitamin C and old age

Japanese PM khiguchi found that there is a correlation between the content of vitamin C in the body and the release of hormones sexual glands. When these glands begin to weaken, the need for vitamin C increases significantly and cancer "taken away" from the body. This discovery explains why in old age decreases the content of ascorbic acid in the blood - in fact, long been known in medicine. Suspected that old people eat fewer foods rich in this vitamin, or worse than his master. Anyway, even if you take vitamin C in foods or pills in the same amount as in later years, as the ageing of its content in the blood decreases. More apparent than it is in men. Suggested that this shame diet and Smoking: women, as a rule, smoke less, and more often than men, eat fruits and vegetables. But it turned out that under the same power, the difference in the level of vitamin C in the blood still remained. Apparently, it is connected with the floor.
English doctors Andrews, Fletcher, Brac conducted the following experiment. He divided the elderly into 3 groups. First received placebo, the second - on 40 mg of vitamin C per day, and the third at 80 mg. Only in the third group, and then after 9 months of treatment, has been achieved is the content of vitamin C in white blood cells, what happens in young people. The doctors came to the conclusion that 200 mg of ascorbic acid to day for healthy older people is quite proper dose.
The lack of vitamin C causes many different age changes: wrinkles, bent back, so-called "flowers of age dark spots on the skin, easy bleeding. Sufficient intake of ascorbic acid may prolong youth and to delay the coming time of destruction in the human body.
Why is this so? In different ways in the body koumouliruet the harmful effects of "free radicals" - so says in his report "Food containing antioxidants, delaying the aging process" Dr. A. L. Chappell from the University of California. Significantly simplifying the essence, we can say that free radicals are atoms or atomic group, has one electron with uncompensated electric charge; they are very reactive. "Head can go around, barely imagine how many reactions can cause free radical," notes Dr. Chappell. In Poland over this theory worked in the 50-ies of Dr. Roman Peret.
Some of these reactions cause changes in enzymes and amino acids, sometimes very serious. Tappel believes, however, that the ability of the body to be updated very strong, despite the destruction caused by the diseases and ailments. While vitamin C is one of the two most important elements of power, neutralizing the harmful effects of free radicals. Another such element is vitamin E.
On collagen is a fibrous protein - account for 3 % of the total protein in the human body. It is the so-called cleevely fiber - based connective tissue. Its effect can be compared to that of steel wire in construction. It helps to link together the enamel on the teeth, bones, tissue type of the heart muscle and blood. Now, collagen has a tendency to age gradually to shrink. He dies and must be replaced by new cells. If this does not happen immediately, the number of cells decreases and collagen becomes less. Many scientists believe that the symptoms of old age, obviously, is connected with reduction of collagen. It is well known that the ability of collagen regenerated depends on the absorption of vitamin C is more, than on other factors. And this is also one of the most important reasons for the increase of vitamin C needs in old age.
Dr. Sokolov, Director of the Institute of biology in Lalande in Florida, already in 1966, reported that at a food rich in sugar and fat in the body appear triglycerides that "slipsuit" the blood plasma, precipitating on the walls of the blood vessels of different types of fats, and not only cholesterol. Sugar contributes to this, as proved by the author, even more than fats. The body of our protected by synthesizing enzyme known as lipoprotein lipase. But for its synthesis is also necessary vitamin C In his presence triglycerides are broken down into free fatty acids and are highlighted along with cholesterol. Thus eliminated the conditions under which dangerous fatty plaque together and stick to the walls of the arteries, causing in the end, what we call sclerosis.
In order vitamin C had an effect, not a single large dose. Its effect on our blood vessels begins only after 5-6 months of regular treatment appropriate doses. It would be good to start thinking about this after 40 years. Where you can find vitamin C in addition to pharmacies?