The elixir of youth, or vitamin E

The story of vitamin E begins with the discovery of Herbert M. Evans with the staff who in a 20-ies found in oil from sprouted wheat grains unknown substance needed for normal reproduction in rats. Ten years later it was named tocopherol. The name was given by Professor of Greek language Berkeley; it is formed from words tokos - birth and ferro - wear. After many studies showed that different Tocopherols, called vitamin E, the highest biological activity has alpha-tocopherol.
Like Linus Pauling became world famous studies of vitamin C, Wilfried E. the Jester became known as the researcher of vitamin e, He published 4 work on this topic. A native of Canada, the Jester studied and worked in the USA. Doctor of medicine and biology, he is the founder and one of the two Directors of the Institute of clinical and laboratory research in Toronto. The Institute is named after him. You can add that in the age of 80, he looks no older than 40-50 years. To him we owe the fact that doctors are now able to treat heart patients patients with vitamin E.

Vitamin E and heart

In 1936, Dr. Jester managed to significantly improve the patient's condition by treatment with high doses of vitamin E, derived from oil sprouted wheat grains. Later, he was treated with large doses of this vitamin and other patients, including his wife, renowned canadian athlete suffering with rheumatic fever of the heart. The jester gave her vitamin E in doses 100 times the standard.
The doctors were afraid to assign such doses, bearing in mind the principle of Hippocrates: "First of all, not to hurt" (Primum non nocere). The jester invited well-known experts-physicians to examine 25 his former patients-cores. Any side effects of vitamin E were found.
The jester with employees continued research. They confirmed that inorganic iron in contact with vitamin E destroys it completely or significantly reduces the effectiveness of its action, so during treatment with vitamin E given to patients only after 8-12 hours after administration of iron, and made sure that mineral oil is dissolved vitamin E. unsaturated Fatty acid (vegetable oil) increase the need of the human body in tocopherol, although it is included in their composition. And this should be considered.
At that time there were many misconceptions about this vitamin, for example, that it is harmful, that destroys vitamins C and D. Careful experiments conducted by scientists, has shown that vitamin E should be treated with caution only if two diseases rheumatic heart disease and high blood pressure. When the disease coronary vessels experts advise to take large doses of tocopherol, rheumatism, heart dose may be less than 90 ME in the day.
One of the characteristic features of this vitamin is slow the pace of its actions. For example, in acute inflammation of the kidneys, acute attack of rheumatic fever or severe thrombosis patient needs to take vitamin E and patiently wait until it starts to act. When coronary insufficiency usually have to wait for 5 to 10 days, while vitamin E will enter into force", in the next 4-6 weeks will be a marked improvement.
In his memoirs, published in the journal of Prevention," Dr. Fool writes that cured with vitamin E hearts of thousands of patients, who came literally from around the world. Many of them considered the restoration of health "miracle". He gives examples of unexpected cure inflammation of the kidneys, acute thrombophlebitis, severe trophic ulcers, diabetic heart attacks, severe burns and other high doses of tocopherol.
Vitamin E, according to the Jester, helps in the treatment less acute and severe diseases. It is well removes night spasms of the muscles, caused by impaired blood circulation in the legs below the knees, helps in the treatment of skin diseases, due to its influence in the elderly fade liver spots, the so-called "flowers of old age". Helps to treat fungal infections, promotes the emergence of new tissue after burns or wounds. Treats the eyes, lungs, muscles, blood...
In addition, vitamin E adds us energy and desire to live and enjoy life. Americans believe that vitamin E adds sex appeal, no wonder it is part of the diets Hollywood movie stars.