Intermittent claudication

Dr. Knut Hagaru in Sweden often treated patients with so-called intermittent claudication, typical cases, usually found in older men, the patient felt pain and cramps in the calves when walking. Pain increases, the patient begins to stumble and to limp.
As a rule, this pain is a consequence of appearance of abnormal metabolites (products of metabolism), muscles however without sufficient amount of oxygen. This condition is not a disease, but a signal that in the arteries of the legs something happens. In 99 cases out of 100, this usually premature peripheral vascular sclerosis. The first to treat such patients with vitamin E above-mentioned Dr. Jester. Later there appeared a lot of messages on this subject, and, as a rule, the result was encouraging.
In 1953 in the journal "the Lancet" published work of Dr. Hamilton with employees, in which researchers denied the possibility of effective treatment with vitamin E of vessels of lower extremities. However, after 10 years, A. M. Boyd and other English doctors conducted a thorough study of this disease: patients of the same group gave 400 IU of vitamin E a day, the other a placebo. In patients taking alpha-tocopherol, there was a significant and indisputable improvement. Were marked unexpected additional effects: patients treated with vitamin E, according to the observations of the doctor of the bond, lived longer placebo.
Similar results were obtained in Edmond (Canada) Dr. William. His lame patients after treatment with vitamin E, started to make long Hiking. And among 17, not treated with vitamin E, only one patient could walk without pain.
What is the explanation of the results obtained Hamilton? Simply the fact that he had used vitamin E only from sprouted wheat grains and in small doses. As was calculated later, the patients received only 150 IU of vitamin e a day. In addition, the treatment lasted 12 weeks, while the full effect is usually after 3-4 months or even later.
Dr. Hager held in his clinic in Malmo various studies, trying to treat alternating lameness in one vitamin E, other well-known drugs or vitamin E in combination with these drugs. Eventually he came to the conclusion that the act of one vitamin E is much more effective (of course, unless you want to treat other diseases), but the dose should be 400-500 ME in the day. After a few months, the patients can walk 1 km, but normal blood flow is restored only after 12 or even 18 months.
Probably, explains Hager, vitamin E first restores the ability to move, and only when the muscles will get stronger enough, can be restored normal circulation.
Except vitamin E, Hager advised patients to do gymnastics and strongly prohibited to smoke. Twice a day, patients taking walks, as ensure more distant. Some statistics: while after 18 months of treatment conventional medicines improvement was noted in 19.2 % of patients, vitamin E at the same time recovered 73,4 %.